Windshield Repairs in New Westminster, BC

Is there anything worse than driving down the road when a rock comes out of nowhere? That rock might bounce off without leaving a mark but can also shatter the glass. It’s just as easy for a road work truck or a construction vehicle to kick off debris that hits your windshield and damages it. Now comes the big decision: should you repair your windshield or ignore the problem? At Westminster Toyota in New Westminster, we can help you make the best choice for your vehicle.

When to Repair Your Windshield

We recommend repairing your windshield if the damage isn’t too significant. Do you see a small chip along one of the edges? Is the crack small enough that it doesn’t interfere with your vision? Can you safely operate your car but worry about the damage getting bigger? If you can answer “yes,” to one or more of these questions, make an appointment and let us repair your windshield.

You should never ignore damage to your windshield, as it’s the main thing standing between you and the road. We’ve seen people come in with a minor crack that expanded across the glass quickly and left them unable to drive. If you have a crack in the shape of a circle or a star or see damage bigger than the palm of your hand, contact us to discuss your options. We also encourage drivers to reach out if they notice damaged spots of three centimetres or larger.

Visit Westminster Toyota Today!

Most repairs take an hour or less, and your insurance may pay for the repair. Don’t let a broken, cracked, or chipped windshield keep you from driving. Contact us at Westminster Toyota to schedule a repair today!