What Do Warning Lights On The Dash Mean

Toyota Dashboard Symbols & Meaning In New Westminster, British Columbia

Dashboard lights can be daunting for many, but if your Toyota is equipped with Connected Services, you will have a much easier time knowing what action to take. Your app will advise the best course of action through the Service Connect feature when a dash light appears. If your vehicle doesn't have this function, you will want to learn what each symbol means and its severity. Contact us at Westminster Toyota to get more details about the dash lights on your vehicle.

Types Of Dashboard Lights & Their Meaning

Lights That Indicate You Should Be Visiting The Dealership Immediately

Some of the lights on your dash require action and contacting the Toyota dealer. Lights that require such treatment are the ABS warning light, charging system warning light, electric power steering warning light, low engine oil pressure warning light, and SRS airbag warning light. There is also a master warning light that looks like a triangle with an exclamation mark inside. This master light will sound a buzzer and flash the warning light when it detects a malfunction.

Lights That Indicate Status Of Systems

Many lights pop up on the dash, with some showing the status of different systems. You don't have to worry about these, as they are there to inform you of what's happening. For example, these lights include a cruise control indicator, headlight high beam indicator, low fuel level warning light, seat belt reminder light, a security indicator, slip indicator, TRAC OFF indicator, turn signal indicator, and VSC OFF indicator. Although those lights don't indicate any problems, you should still know what they mean to have a complete understanding of what's happening with your vehicle.

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If you have a light on your dash that requires immediate attention, make sure to schedule a service appointment to bring your vehicle in as soon as possible. You can opt for the Toyota Extra Care Protection to get coverage beyond the new vehicle warranty, and it covers an extensive list of vehicle components.

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