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Direct Shift CVT & CVT: What Do They Offer?

Direct Shift CVT & CVT: What Do They Offer?

When browsing our new inventory at Westminster Toyota, you will find many models from the Toyota lineup that feature a CVT. The reason Toyota engineers started using CVTs is that this transmission type can help maximize fuel efficiency. Although there has been an Electrification Strategy to help with reducing emissions, the CVT is a powerful tool that makes gasoline-powered engines much more efficient in fuel consumption. At Westminster Toyota, we strive to go above and beyond for our customers to deliver the highest level of customer service. Our dealership is located in New Westminster, British Columbia, but we extend our many services to surrounding areas of Burnaby, Delta, Greater Vancouver, and Vancouver Lower Mainland.

Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) Overview

Standard transmissions operate through the use of gears. For example, a typical five-speed automatic will have five constant gears available, letting the engine and transmission operate only in those five presets. This transmission type only allows for five possible relationships between speed, selected gear, and engine revolutions. On the other hand, CVTs don't have gears; instead, they use belts, giving them an infinite operational range, and it allows for better performance and fuel economy. The way the CVT saves fuel is by letting the engine operate at lower revolutions, yet it can deliver the power more efficiently when performance is needed. CVTs don't compromise, as they have a smoother ride quality since there isn't lunging or slamming that comes with gear changes in a traditional transmission.

Direct Shift Continuously Variable Transmission Overview

Although CVTs are great, they have room for improvement for lower speeds since they slightly sacrifice low-speed performance for better overall performance and efficiency at higher speeds. Your vehicle spends most of its operation time at higher speeds; thus, this issue is minor, but Direct Shift CVTs are the new innovative solution to bring the best of both worlds. Direct Shift CVT gets a Launch Gear, combining the best components of traditional transmissions and CVTs. The result is a transmission that has the first gear to accelerate from a stop, and then it acts like a CVT at higher speeds to capitalize on the benefits of both. Other benefits include reducing transmission size and weight, broader functionality for more efficiency across the driving range, instant acceleration from a stop, and six percent savings for fuel. Also, drivers can enjoy a sporty driving experience through the 10-speed simulated gear ratios that act as normal gears and are paddle shifter controllable. Contact us today to inquire about which models will have the Direct Shift CVTs, and we can offer further details about any of the specifications.

Schedule a Test Drive

To experience this fantastic transmission for yourself and to feel the difference it provides from a regular CVT, don't hesitate to book a test drive. The 2020 Toyota Corrola Hatchback offers this transmission, and you can ask our team about other models that also feature it. Once you find the model that fits your needs, make sure to speak to our Finance Centre to explore further details about payment terms and rates. You can take advantage of additional savings by bringing in a vehicle as a trade, and we will offer you competitive rates.

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