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Fuel Saving Tips

Fuel Saving Tips

At Westminister Toyota, we provide customers access to our numerous automotive services to ensure a seamless vehicle ownership experience and offer additional support through our helpful guides and tips. With fuel prices rising, utilizing our fuel-saving tips will save you more money and help you drive safely on the road.

Gently Accelerate

When accelerating from a stop, ensure that you gently accelerate to get up to speed and avoid exceeding the speed limit since that can make you have to brake more often and waste fuel

Coast To Stops

While cruising at the posted speed limit and reaching a stop ahead, you should coast to a stop instead of accelerating since that will help you save fuel.

Remove Heavy Items From The Cabin

Your vehicle's fuel economy can differ depending on how heavy your vehicle is and how much weight is added during the commute, so make sure to remove any unnecessary items from the truck and cabin to reduce weight and fuel consumption.

Check Tire Air Pressure

Your vehicle's tire air pressure is one of the most significant factors determining how fuel efficient your commute will be, so always fill your vehicle's tires to the recommended air pressure posted on the door jam sticker. Under-inflated tires cause additional drag and friction, and not to mention are a safety hazard, so make sure to avoid driving a vehicle with low tire air pressure.

Avoid Idling

Idling has to be the least effective way to use your fuel, making it a better idea to turn off the engine if you are planning to wait an extended period.

Pick The Right Driving Mode

With some new vehicles, you might have driving modes you can toggle between, so check if your vehicle has this option and ensure you commute in ECO mode to maximize fuel efficiency.