7 Tips To Prepare Your Vehicle For Spring In British Columbia

Seven Tips For Spring Maintenance in New Westminster, British Columbia

Vehicle maintenance differs between seasons, and keeping up with your vehicle's needs is the best way to avoid troubles. When spring hits, make sure to follow the tips below to improve your vehicle's safety and performance.

Changing Back To All-Season Tires

As spring sneaks up around the corner and temperatures increase above freezing, you will want to change from winter tires back to all-season tires. Winter tires get softer in warmer weather, leading to quicker tread wear. Also, to maximize traction on the road, you will want to have your all-season tires installed.

Vehicle Spring Cleaning

After winter, you will want to clean off any dirt or salt left from winter driving. You can begin by cleaning the interior carpets and take your car for a wash.

Getting Your Battery Checked

Winter temperatures negatively impact batteries, and to avoid a no-start situation, make sure to visit our service centre to have our technicians check your battery's health condition.

Checking The Braking System & Knowing When To Replace

You can check your brake pads by visually examing them through the rim's spokes, but if you have a newer model, it might have an electronic sensor to notify you. Check your owner's manual for more information to know if you have that feature, and if you are experiencing noises while braking or a soft brake pedal, come in for a quick inspection.

Checking Vehicle Fluids & Changing Your Oil

Getting your fluids checked and topped off is always a good idea after each season. If you can't recall the last time you changed your oil, then make sure to check the level and prioritize to have it done.

Check Wiper Blades & Light Bulbs

Take a walk around your car to test out each bulb's function, which is vital to keep you safe on the road. Also, ice and snow can damage wiper blades, making spring the perfect time to get a new pair.

Check Your Insurance Policy

Many forget to update their insurance policy to include new changes or get the appropriate coverage. Even though you can do this year-round, it's a good idea to have a quick look at your current policy.

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