The Importance of Brake Maintenance

The Importance of Brake Maintenance

The Importance of Brake Maintenance
A vehicle’s brakes are one of its most important safety features, and maintaining them is critical for its safe operation. At Westminster Toyota in New Westminster, British Columbia, we have seen far too many cases of neglected brakes costing customers hundreds of dollars in additional repairs that could have been prevented with proper maintenance, so we have put together this article to explain the importance of brake maintenance.

How Do Brakes Work?
When you engage your brakes, brake fluid is delivered to the callipers, which engages your brake pads. The brake pads apply pressure to the rotors, squeezing the brake pad friction material against the rotating brake disc to create the friction required to stop your vehicle. The pads on your brakes are designed to wear over time, and a lack of maintenance could cause additional strain on the rest of the brake system, which can cause consequential damages resulting in hundreds of dollars in additional repairs that could have been prevented.

When To Change Your Brakes
The brakes on your Toyota should be inspected for signs of wear or damage at least every six months or 8,000 kilometres, and worn or damaged components should be replaced or repaired. This regularly scheduled maintenance interval is the minimum requirement, and depending on the type of driving you do and where you are driving, you may require a more frequent interval.

Signs Your Brakes Need Maintenance
Squealing, screeching, grinding and growling noises from your brakes when engaged are all signs of worn components needing replacement. Your brakes are equipped with a metal shim that gives an unpleasant sound, also called “brake scrubbing,” to indicate that the brake pads require replacement. Grinding sounds often mean that other components in the brake system have been affected and require immediate attention. Delaying the maintenance could quickly lead to additional wear and damage to related components, such as the rotors, drums, or callipers, or worse, it could result in an accident, so it is important not to delay your brake service.

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If your brakes are due for a service, contact us at Westminster Toyota to schedule a service. Or check out our online service scheduler, which allows you to book your appointment at a time that is most convenient for you. Our certified, factory-trained technicians are equipped to handle all your vehicle maintenance needs, including your routine brake maintenance. If you prefer to get your hands dirty and do the work yourself, our Parts Centre is stocked with Genuine Toyota Parts designed specifically for your vehicle. We look forward to hearing from you!