How to Optimize Your Battery Performance This Winter

How to Optimize Your Battery Performance This Winter
Batteries are the heart of your vehicle, and they have different needs depending on the season. One issue many drivers face is the vehicle’s battery dying in winter. Even if you have recently upgraded to a new car, your battery may still be prone to cold weather. At Westminster Toyota, we strive to keep you safe on the road. Here’s how to care for your battery this winter.

What Happens to Your Car Battery in Winter?
There are several issues that can happen when your vehicle is exposed to cold weather. The most noticeable is that your vehicle’s battery power can be drained by as much as 60%. Combined with the fact that people tend to drive less in chilly weather, that means your battery doesn’t always have the opportunity to fully recharge. Low temperatures can also affect other components in your vehicle, such as oil, making the vehicle more difficult to start.

Can You Winterize Your Car Battery?
Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a cold-proof battery. To ensure your battery provides you with optimal performance this winter season. Before the first snowfall of winter, you should get your battery and electrical system checked by a professional. Our experienced service technicians will be able to address any issues you may have and will notice signs of corrosion. If you want to optimize overall performance, you should consider scheduling an oil change as well at our Service Centre in New Westminster, British Columbia, today.

Take Care of Your Vehicle this Winter
There are many ways you can care for your battery and vehicle in winter. While it’s tempting to stay at home in the winter, you should drive your vehicle a few times each week. Driving at least 10 km or more twice a week will give your battery the opportunity to recharge. If you are able, you should also store your vehicle away from the elements or cover the vehicle to help protect it from excess moisture. For more winter vehicle maintenance tips, contact us today!