Benefits of Regular Oil Changes in New Westminster, BC
Routinely changing the oil and filter of your vehicle’s engine is one of the most important services your vehicle requires, and it is often overlooked. At Westminster Toyota, we have seen far too many cases of engine damage caused by a lack of maintenance, so we wanted to share this article to outline the importance of regularly changing your engine oil and filter.

Regular Oil Change Benefits
Over time, oil breaks down, which reduces the fluid’s ability to remove debris, grime and other harmful particles that may circulate through an engine and cause costly damage. Clean oil remains necessary to provide all the moving engine parts with the appropriate level of lubrication.

Oil Change Schedule Frequency
The frequency at which vehicles must undergo routine oil changes depends on a variety of factors. In general, scheduled oil changes are recommended after driving 8,000 kilometres or every six months. But, different vehicles commonly have individual requirements, so it is important to refer to the vehicle’s manual to determine the appropriate schedule for their particular automotive make and model. Keeping up with the manufacturer’s recommended oil change recommendations also ensures that a warranty remains valid on newer vehicles.

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