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Winter Tires at Westminster Toyota In New Westminster, BC


Winter Tires at Westminster Toyota

Winter is a period of concern for many vehicle owners in Canada because it is a season that comes with challenges that can affect your car in many ways. As such, you need to ensure that your car is well maintained and ready for bad weather.

An Overview Of Winter Tires To Get Your Vehicle Winter-Ready

The first thing that always comes to the mind of people when approaching winter is winter tires, which is because of the extreme road conditions that most drivers in Canada experience. It only makes sense to prepare early enough to avoid accidents and breakdowns. To avoid such mishaps on the road, you should ensure that your car is also serviced and able to withstand the harsh winter conditions. Tires are some of the things you should prioritize. Our Tire Centre has high-quality tires designed for winter conditions, such as ice, snow, cold and slush. All you have to do is schedule a service appointment and leave everything to our team.

How Winter Tires Work

The winter tire was designed and patented in 1921. From that time, engineers have continued to improve winter tires to deal with winter conditions. Each aspect of the tire is optimized to suit aid winter driving. Some of the things that make winter tires best for winter conditions include the following:

  • A deeper tread that makes driving in the snow bearable
  • Soft rubber for cold weather
  • A durable design to withstand the harsh elements


Tire Storage

Tire storage during winter is very important. The good news is that we offer convenient storage for your off-season tires to ensure that they are always in perfect condition, giving you peace of mind and the confidence to drive safely.

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If you need winter tires in Westminster, look no further than our dealership, as we offer high-quality winter tires at reasonable prices. Contact us today to inquire about winter tire prices or anything you would like to know about tires. We also have a winter tire promo that can help you save some money.

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