Wheel Alignments in New Westminster, BC


Wheel Alignments in New Westminster, BC

Visit us at New Westminster Toyota, your trusted Toyota dealership in New Westminster, British Columbia, for the best deals and services. We often hear many questions about wheel alignments and their importance, and below, we discuss what it takes to perform this service and how it can improve your vehicle.

How a Wheel Alignment is Performed

Aligning your vehicle's wheels is an involved task that all of our factory-trained technicians have perfected, giving your vehicle the right adjustments to track straight on the road while eliminating the issues that come with misalignment. Our experts will adjust various suspension geometries while monitoring readouts from our state-of-the-art alignment machine until your vehicle's alignment results fall within the acceptable range that the manufacturer indicates. Some of the readouts that our experts alter during an alignment include caster, toe, and camber. Although some models only have toe adjustment, other models can also have an adjustment for caster and camber.

Importance Of Regular Wheel Alignments

Keeping up with your vehicle's alignment is very important since many issues come with having a misaligned vehicle. For example, a vehicle with a bad alignment can experience premature tire wear, uneven tire wear, suspension problems, and possibly handling issues. By regularly checking and aligning your vehicle's wheels, you will maximize tire life while enjoying the precise handling that your vehicle had when it was new.

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To book an appointment to have your vehicle aligned, make sure to contact us. Our technicians will gladly take good care of you and your vehicle, giving you the best possible customer service. Scroll up to book an appointment online or call us at 604-520-2277.