Tundra TRD Lift Kit

TRD Tundra Lift Kit

At Westminster Toyota, we can help you secure the brand-new Toyota Tundra and additional accessories that you can equip to make it the ideal fit for your lifestyle. The new Tundra is sleek and powerful but also is available with an optional TRD lift kit to enhance its looks and function further, so stop by our showroom today and learn more about configuring the best-suited Tundra for you.


Tundra 3-Inch Lift Kit Features

With the 3-inch TRD lift kit installed onto your new Tundra, you can fit larger tires to maximize traction while off-roading. Also, this kit brings other helpful features to support your driving experience, including Roush forged upper-control arms and Bilstein shock absorbers, offering a smooth ride regardless of the terrain and maximum durability as you venture through your drives. Aside from performance, Toyota has made this kit ultra-safe and functional by being the first to be compatible with the Active Cruise Control and Toyota Safety Sense system.

Reasons To Choose The TRD Kit Over Aftermarket Ones

The TRD lift kit is ideal for lifting your brand-new Tundra, ensuring proper fitment and keeping suspension geometry within specifications. This kit features durable construction, making it suitable for on-road and off-road use, letting you rest assured that your Tundra will keep tackling challenging terrain reliably. Another reason to choose the TRD lift kit over aftermarket alternatives is better off-road performance, offering an increased approach angle of 5 degrees, departure by 1 degree, and break over by 2 degrees.

Get Your Kit Installed Today

You are welcome to contact us today to learn more about the specifics of the TRD lift kit available for the new Tundra and book an appointment for installation. Our trusted Parts Centre can help you secure your kit, and our experts will gladly provide you with professional installation to keep the truck within the warranty coverage.