Toyota Truck Lineup

New Toyota Trucks In New Westminster

Shopping through Toyota’s lineup of pickup trucks is the ultimate way to enjoy a reliable work truck packed with everything you need to get work done. Depending on your specific needs, you can opt for the mid-size Tacoma or the full-size Tundra. With its excellent 3.5-litre V6 engine, the Tacoma benefits from having 278 horsepower, 317 lb-ft of torque, and a maximum towing capacity of 6,400 pounds. However, upgrading to the Tundra brings a much more capable pickup truck that features a 348-horsepower 3.5-litre twin-turbocharged V6, which allows for a towing capacity of 12,000 pounds. Opting for the hybrid engine option of the Tundra increases horsepower output to 437 while enhancing fuel economy figures. These pickup trucks are fantastic, offering rear-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive drivetrain options while also having optional TRD packages to improve off-road capability.