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Sell Us Your Car in New Westminster, BC

Pre-Owned Toyota Inventory in New Westminster, British Columbia

Sell Us Your Car in New Westminster, BC

At Westminster Toyota, we would love to support your vehicle ownership by purchasing your unwanted vehicle and possibly matching you with a Toyota from our new inventory that better matches your current needs. Our sales associates are always available to help, and they will gladly assist you with anything you might need. Visit us today and let us meet and exceed your expectations.


Benefits Of Selling Your Car To Us At Westminster Toyota


Better Safety Features

With technology advancing at a quicker base than ever, vehicles, especially Toyota models, have gotten a lot safer with all of the new safety offerings. Selling your vehicle for a newer model is a great way to get the latest safety features on the market, providing you and your occupants with complete peace of mind during daily commutes and weekend getaways. Also, you can always sell us your vehicle and get into a vehicle from our vast selection. Get in touch with our sales associates today and learn more about your vehicle's value and what options you have for your next vehicle.

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Quick & Instant Payment

You might think that private selling might bring you the highest value when selling your vehicle. However, with information for vehicle prices being available on the internet, most private buyers are looking to purchase a used vehicle for less than its worth. Also, a private buyer will look to negotiate the price based on imperfections that might not affect the selling price. Even when it comes to payment, a private buyer might not have the cash readily available to purchase your vehicle and will need you to put the vehicle through an inspection from a private mechanic, adding more time and the possibility of further price negotiations. Instead of going through the hassle of private selling, you can visit our dealership at Westminster Toyota, and we will evaluate your vehicle's condition and offer you a fair value for your vehicle instantly. Not only will you have the option to accept the offer and walk away with cash in hand, but you can also take time to evaluate other options if you wish to do so.


When it comes to selling a used vehicle, the most seamless and effortless way for you to do so is by selling it to our dealership. We can take care of the entire process from our location, letting you focus on what's important, which is getting back to what you love most. Selling a vehicle shouldn't be a stressful process, and at Westminster Toyota, we go above and beyond to simplify every step of the process.

Great Value

Since our dealership has a Toyota-certified Service Centre, we have the experts to examine your vehicle and its condition within our location, making the entire process a breeze. You walk into our dealership, and our factory-trained technicians will evaluate your vehicle's condition, then you will walk out with an offer or cash in hand. In some situations, you might even get an offer on the spot. Regardless of which process your vehicle undergoes, you can rest assured that we will offer you a reasonable value for your vehicle. You won't have to worry about irrelevant imperfections reducing the selling price since we understand used vehicles' normal wear and tear.

Upgrade To A New Toyota

A great way to sell your used vehicle is by utilizing it as a trade-in towards a new Toyota from our vast selection. Reach out to our Finance Centre, get a trade-in offer for your vehicle, then put its value towards a new Toyota model and take advantage of lower payments.