Why Toyota Sienna is the Best Minivan for Driving in Snow (Video)

Why Toyota Sienna is the Best Minivan for Driving in Snow Video

Burnaby Toyota Sienna 2015

With weather patterns running amuck in our province year after year families are looking to hedge their bets when it comes to choosing a family vehicle. They no longer depend upon snow tires alone to get them through the latter season. They are looking for a vehicle that will manage their day to day household duties and weekend excursions all the while keeping everyone safe and secure while driving in snow. Finding a suburban vehicle that will "do it all" in "all seasons" can be tough, especially if you're a fan of minivans. Thankfully, Toyota has provided the ultimate minivan for driving in winter conditions - the Toyota Sienna. 

5 Reasons Why the Toyota Sienna is the Best Minivan for Driving in Snow

Burnaby Toyota 2015 Sienna

The First and ONLY Minivan with All Wheel Drive (AWD) to date, the Toyota Sienna is the only minivan in its class that comes with available All Wheel Drive (AWD). With the LE, XLE and Limited models, Toyota's groundbreaking feat set and raised the bar that has yet to be met by any other competitor. As you know, when it comes to snow all-wheel drive is essential. Simply put, if you want a minivan that can drive in snow the Sienna is not only the optimal choice, it is the only choice.

Enough Power to Push Through the Powder while Keeping Costs Down

The Toyota Sienna comes standard with a 3.5 L high-powered V6 engine that delivers a whopping 266 horsepower and a torque that comes in at 245 lb-ft. Unbiased testing (Edmunds) has the Sienna Limited hitting 0 to 60 MPH in a quick 7.5 seconds. With all-wheel drive EPA fuel economy of 19 MPG combined you'll be hard pressed to find a more powerful minivan offering optimal fuel economy.

Short Stops Safety Across the (Snow) Board

The Toyota Sienna minivan AWD leads the industry (in its class) when it comes to stops on ice from 30 mph. Your confidence in schools zones and on highways alike will remain high. The vehicle also excels in cornering on both ice and snow, a rarity when it comes to not just minivans but other SUVs as well. Sienna's AWD system transfers power to an electro-magnetic coupler on the rear differential, dividing engine power up to an equal balance (50/50) to the front and rear. Wheel spin is minimized when automatically transferring power to the opposing wheels, an action which keeps the Sienna moving forward. Of course, you need the whole package when it comes to winter safety for your family minivan. The Toyota Sienna delivers just that. Standard in the vehicle is Toyota's renowned Star Safety SystemT. This includes Enhanced Vehicle Stability Control, Traction Control, Anti-lock Brake System, Electronic Brake-force Distribution, Brake Assist and Smart Stop Technology. Toyota Sienna's Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management system (Limited FWD) offers an even more enhanced version of the minivan's Star Safety System.

Competition Doesn't Come Close

The competition is slipping when it comes to driving in snow. They simply don't compare to the Sienna. Torque News recently released the results of an intensive road test in snow, which pitted the Sienna against the Honda Odyssey and Chrysler Town & Country. Not surprisingly, Toyota's AWD minivan decimated it's competition in the winter arena. But were the results satisfactory enough to lay claim to being not just the best minivan for driving in snow, but as one of the best SUVs as well? The next head to head was against the seemingly tougher 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4X4. Fair fight? The Sienna was up to the task, outperforming the Cherokee by hitting 0-50 MPH at a significantly faster rate and showing shorter stoppage on ice from 30 MPH. View the complete head to head video below: