Why Toyota (and the Human Spirit) Just Won the Super Bowl

Why Toyota (and the Human Spirit) Just Won the Super Bowl

Toyota Super Bowl Commercials 2018 - One Team

Whether or not you're a fan of the NFL, you can't help but get caught up in all of the annual hoopla surrounding the world's most popular sporting event. If the game doesn't catch your eye, the halftime show and commercials most certainly do, with recaps and reviews permeating through mainstream media for days after the affair. 

So here we are, the day (or days) after Super Bowl LII, and you're reading about it on the blog of Greater Vancouver's favorite Toyota dealership. Why? Is it to toot the horns of our manufacturer because they won the battle of best Super Bowl commercials? Not in the way you may think. 

It wasn't about knee slapping, gut busting laughter. Instead, Toyota dug deep into the human spirit to connect with its audience. The brand was able to translate the values found at the core of Toyota's New Global Architecture (TNGA) into 60-second spots that confirmed when it comes to choosing a vehicle, there is no other brand that understands what that human spirit truly is, quite like Toyota. 

Three 2018 Super Bowl Commercials That Will Make You Proud to Own a Toyota

1. Good Odds

If you're anything like us, you felt an immediate urge to reach for the tissue box after watching this one. Toyota shows that the human spirit, together with the right support system, can defy the longest of odds. Noting that the odds of winning a Paralympic gold medal are almost 1 billion to 1, the brand featured the journey of Canadian Lauren Woolstencroft, who would go on to not only beat the odds, but demolish them on her journey to win eight Paralympic gold medals.

What does this have to do with Toyota directly? If you've been keeping up to date with the amazing things that Toyota has done over the last 12 months, you would find that in addition to working with Olympic athletes, they have been developing wearable robotic leg braces to help partially paralyzed people not only walk, but much more!

"Toyota's ad makes me want to buy stock in the indomitable human spirit" (Grant Brisbee, SB Nation - February 5 2018)

2. One Team

Seeing a commercial that starts with a rabbi, priest, and a buddhist monk may have you mentally reciting some tasteless jokes you've heard in the past (or at the water cooler today) but the sequence of events from there couldn't take you further from it. In the most basic sense, you can see how a new Toyota Tundra can help you and your multi-denominational crew expertly navigate through urban and suburban streets to the big game, but it's really not about that. "One Team" is all about unity. It shows that we're all part of one team (humankind) and that we should embrace that no matter our differences, beliefs, and abilities. In case you are ensure of Toyota's motivations about making such a statement, feel free to watch the first two commercials (above) again. 

3. Mobility Anthem

Toyota Super-Bowl Commercials 2018 - Mobility Anthem

Toyota's 30-second Super Bowl spot titled "Mobility Anthem" was less of a tearjerker (thank goodness!) but no less inspiring. As you can see, the focus is on the current and future developments at Toyota and the very real impact they are having, and will have, on the global population. 

Movement in all shapes and forms is at the core of this campaign, with a dazzling showcase of concept vehicles, prototypes, and personal transportation/assistance devices alike. The commercial could easily have been titled "Anything is Possible", which as any Toyota owner knows, is absolutely true.

Stay tuned for updates on the flying car.

Help elevate the human sprit (and that of your household) by joining a movement that has millions of Toyota owners becoming a part of one happy team, on and off the road. If you live in Greater Vancouver, you can get started by contacting our Toyota dealership today.