Why Buy a Toyota Prius: 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Prius

Why Buy a Toyota Prius: 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Prius

Everyone should own a great car that suits them, but we find all too often that there is a mismatch between a vehicle and its owner. Things get in the way of this union tend to be lack of research, poor advice or worse, purchasing on impulse. But when it comes to choosing an automobile there is nothing more important than finding one that suits your lifestyle. And for many in 2015-16, personal lifestyle choices look a lot different than it did a decade ago. Aside from finding a great deal, many are selecting a vehicle that has less of an environmental with its impact on the people and the world around them. Responsibility and sustainability have joined price and value as key criteria when selecting a vehicle.


So, here you are - looking to buy a new car. Instead of an article selling you on the five key highlights of a Prius, we're flipping the script and detailing the great things about you. If you recognize any of the characteristics in the following you may very well have found the perfect vehicle to accommodate your lifestyle.


5 Great Personal Characteristics of a Toyota Prius Driver

1. You Are "Environmentally Reasonable" 

You're aware of the impact that your driving habits have on the environment, but are not ready for a moped that's been converted to run off of recycled vegetable oil. You want a practical solution that allows you to manage the transportation needs of your household while remaining conscious of environmental implications. Enter the hybrid, a vehicle that achieves propulsion via the combined efforts of a traditional internal-combustion engine and an electric motor with a battery pack. By now, you know that the Toyota Prius was the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle when it was introduced to the global market in 2000. Fifteen years later the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has deemed the 2015 Prius and Prius c the Best (non-electric/plug-in) Hybrid Electric Vehicle. When it comes to a compromise between environmental awareness and practicality the Toyota Prius is today's leader with a legacy to back it up. 


 2. You Are Smart with Your Money 

 You understand that the manufacturing of a hybrid involves the integration of high-level technology. That being said, you run a tight ship when it comes to your household budget and are looking for a car that accomplishes your goals without aversely impacting disposable income. With the 2015 Prius ranging from $22,815 CAD (Prius c) to $37,665 CAD (Prius Plug-In) you're not going to find a better value in a hybrid car. It's no coincidence that the Prius leads Toyota's global hybrid sales for the year. The EPA combined estimate of 50 miles (80.5 km) per gallon evidences that there is no other competing hybrid to match fuel economy. The Prius is also known to maintain a strong resale value, and has received an A-grade for used car value. If you demand a hybrid vehicle that is affordable upon purchase and throughout ownership the Prius is the most economically wise choice.  


3. You Appreciate Style 

 Even when it comes to your car you are not one to sacrifice style for the sake of sustainability, practicality, and function. Thankfully when it comes to the Prius you don't have to. The Prius is sleek, sporty, and downright cool. The contemporary interior of the Prius has appeared ahead of its time since the vehicle was introduced. 


The soft fabrics (including SofTex® textile options) complement exterior color tones that include Sea Glass PearlBarcelona Red and Winter Gray Metallic (colors vary by dealership). The high vertical tail, the domed roof and elegantly smooth front with minimal air inlet serves to create the ultimate in both functional and aesthetic aerodynamics


4. You're Considerate of the Safety of Others While on the Road 

 You are concerned for the environment, yes, but road safety is important to you too. The base 2015 Toyota Prius comes with the critical safety standards including antilock disc brakes, stability and traction control, front side airbags, side curtain airbags, a driver knee airbag, and a rearview camera. The new Prius V offers the option of Toyota's Safety Connect emergency communications system. This includes emergency and roadside assistance, collision notification and stolen vehicle location. 

 Prius V owners also have the option for the Advanced Technology package which includes frontal-collision and lane-departure warning systems. Government (NHTSA) crash tests give the 2015 Prius 5-stars on side crash protection, while the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has given the Prius the distinction of Top Safety Pick+, including the highest achievable scores in moderate overlap frontsideroof strength, and head restraints and seats protection.


5. You Love Road Trips 

 Whether you're single, a couple, or a family with kids, you're quick to gather up and hit the road when opportunity strikes. The Prius is surprisingly spacious for its sleek and sporty design. This four door, five-passenger hatchback has a backseat large enough to accommodate full-size adults and cargo space is plentiful (especially if you fold the rear seats). The 2015 is roomy, but the 2016 is really taking things up a notch, increasing length to 4630 mm, width to 1775 mm, and height to 1575. Trunk size is going from 612 L to 971 L. Even the smallest details, such as the floating front console (for placing small odds and ends) considers the convenience of space. There is plenty of elbow and cargo room in the Prius, no matter the model. 

 Of course, auto-infotainment is also the key to a successful road trip. The Prius' Bluetooth phone and audio connectivity, 6.1-inch touchscreen display, JBL six-speaker sound system, CD player, and auxiliary audio jack w/an iPod/USB audio interface will keep you and your passengers entertained through the long miles. 

 Did we describe you in the five items above? Do you reside in the Greater Vancouver area? Then it's time to test drive a Prius. Contact our dealership at (604) 520-3333 today to schedule an appointment or come on down at your convenience.