Toyotas Used in Movies - Toyota Cars in Blockbuster Movies

Toyotas Used in Movies  Toyota Cars in Blockbuster Movies

As one of the most attractive, efficient, conscious, safe, and popular vehicles in the world it's no surprise that Toyota has made its way into Hollywood on numerous occasions. Toyota owners are proud to have witnessed their prized possession up on the silver screen. While models continue to be featured in big movies year in and out, we thought we'd feature the top five shining moments of Toyota vehicles in blockbuster flicks.

Top 5 Toyota Moments in Blockbuster Movie History

1. Back to the Future

Vancouver Toyota Tacoma SR5 - Back to the future truck


Delorean may come to mind when considering this 1985 summer smash but it was more of a punchline. The real vehicular star of the show was the Toyota Tacoma (SR5). Michael J. Fox's (Vancouver's pride and joy!) Marty McFly returns to 1985 to find that hijinks in the past have altered his present, for the better. This defining moment is introduced as he opens the garage door to find his dream vehicle parked within - the Toyota Tacoma SR5. From there he discovers other telltale signs of success for himself and his loving family. Marty then grabs his sweetheart and prepares to ride off into the sunset, after nemesis Biff finishes giving the Tacoma another coat of wax, of course. 


Fast forward to 2015, three decades after the iconic film, and Toyota has recreated the magic with a one-off Back to the Future Tacoma (picture below). While you may not be able to get your hands on this fun concept model, you can score the most futuristic pickup yet, the 2016 Toyota Tacoma SR5, with all of the bells and whistles and available at our dealership. 


Vancouver Toyota Tacoma SR5 2016 - modern day Back to the future truck

2. The Fast & The Furious

The original film (2001) of one of the most successful franchises in movie history may very well owe its success to Toyota (why not?). Various Toyota cars, including the Supra, were featured throughout the movie, but the most defining moment of the film came at the end when Paul Walker's (R.I.P.) Brian O'Connor faces off against Vin Diesel's Dominic Toretto, soon after it's discovered that Brian is an undercover operative. Our protagonist leans on a gorgeous, bright orange, suped-up 1993 Toyota Supra to prevent Toretto's escape. 

Vancouver Toyota Supra - Fast and the Furious cars


Don't try this at home (courtesy of Universal Pictures)

Toretto's American muscle is no match for Toyota's prowess, but good natured O'Conner lets his new found compadre go, launching an onslaught of blockbusters (which also feature Toyotas on a regular basis) for years to come. With the eighth installment of Fast & Furious arriving in 2017, it may be no coincidence that the new Supra, is expected to be unveiled in the same year. 

3. James Bond - You Only Live Twice 

Vancouver Toyota - 2000GT - You Only Live Twice


It doesn't get much cooler than this. James Bond has been fond of Toyota since 1967 when they released the fifth Sean Connery vehicle, introducing the 2000GT open-top at the same time. Predominantly driven by iconic bond girl Aki, a beautiful ninja agent of the Japanese Secret Service (that's a fun phrase), the 2000GT is yet another trophy on Toyota's shelf of Hollywood hits. Even 2016 James Bond actor Daniel Craig considers the Toyota to be the coolest Bond car of all time

Only two open-top 2000GTs were made, and 351 2000GTs in total. You may have a hard time hunting one down for your collection, but feel free to check in on our used car selection from time to time - you never know.

Terminator 3 - Rise of the Machines 

Burnaby Toyota Tundra - Terminator 3 picture car


Rise of the Machines may not have been the most popular of the Terminator franchise but there is no doubt that the Toyota Tundra stole the show when the movie landed in 2003. Warner Bros. was so impressed with this pickup and its long standing reputation that they partnered with Toyota to have the film's exciting chase scenes made possible by the tough Tundra. Characters Kate Brewster (Claire Danes), John Connor (Nick Stahl) and Arnold "Terminator" Schwarzenegger himself can be seen behind the wheel, showcasing its durability as it plows through the streets of Los Angeles.  

Today the future remains even brighter for the Toyota Tundra, without the threat of SkyNet to contend with. The 2016 Tundra is now known as one of the best vehicles for high-octane enthusiasts, the best towing pickup in its class, and the best family pickup truck in North America. And if SkyNet does one day become a problem, you can prepare by test driving a 2016 Tundra today. 

The Other Guys 

Burnaby Toyota - 2016 Prius c here and the 2016 Prius v - Picture car for "The Other Guys"


The Prius' role in the 2010 movie may have been a little cheeky (including the "soup kitchen" scene) but in the end this popular Barcelona-red hybrid (bottom right corner of the movie poster) stole the spotlight from Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. Ferrell's Detective Allen Gamble is smart, efficient, capable, and packs a hidden punch under his cautious demeanor, making the Prius the perfect metaphorical match for this persona.

Six years later the Prius Hybrid suits the personalities of hoards of contemporary drivers, making it the top choice of eco-friendly and fashion conscious characters alike. Learn more about the 2016 Prius c here and the 2016 Prius v here. 


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