Toyota RAV4 - Crossover SUV Auto Infotainment at its Best

Toyota RAV4 - Crossover SUV Auto Infotainment at its Best

What is auto infotainment (AI)? AI, also known as in-car entertainment (ICE) and in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) represents the installation of automobile hardware devices that provide audio and/or video entertainment in addition to satellite navigation systems. This includes but is not exclusive to BluRay, CDs, DVDs, Online Streaming, USB-enabling systems as well as surround sound or digital processing software (DSP). It doesn't stop there, but no need to go further in this introduction as to why the Toyota RAV4 has some of the best auto infotainment capabilities of all crossover SUVs. Simply put, an AI (or ICE/IVI) is essential in today's day and age. Satisfying the needs of a family full of digitally advanced individuals (from tots to grand-pops) is the key to surviving extended road trips and long commutes alike. Let's take a look at the endless possibilities of the Toyota RAV4 auto infotainment.

How to Maximize the Potential of Your RAV4 Auto Infotainment System

Tune into Gracenotes

In Canada, the offering is known as Gracenotes. The RAV4's interior system allows access to SiriusXM, opening up 120 channels of music, sports, entertainment, news and exclusive talk shows. Canadian consumers can also access Bluetooth, voice recognition, USB, aux port, a display touch-screen and navigation software that allows you to bypass construction, identify "points of interest", and provide you with your estimated time of arrival. You'll feel as if you're driving your smartphone. You can cruise to your favourite tunes (more on that below) while safely (hands-free) searching for a theatre near you and mapping out a place to eat in the process.


Let Them Hear You Comin'

The AI system of the RAV4 is music to your years. Have a hit playlist on your smartphone? The RAV4's Bluetooth-9 streaming audio allows you to wirelessly play your tunes through the vehicles speaker system with ease. USB/iPod capabilities are also a breeze, via a USB data cable 12 to the USB port to gain full iPod 11 connectivity and control. You can jam to your iPod playlist right from the RAV4's touchscreen interface on the multimedia system or simple play MP3 files from your USB 12 flash drive. Are you a bit of a traditionalist who still demands the best from your infotainment system? You can still insert and play your favorite CDs (kudos to you for hanging on to them) on the 2015 RAV4. In addition, the Auxiliary Audio Jack system allows you to connect to practically any source of music via a headphone jack. Passengers could literally plug-in an electric ukulele and strum Jack Johnson while cruising the coastline from BC to Baja in your RAV4. 

Of course, none of the above would mean a thing if the interior sound of your AI system wasn't well above par. For starters, Toyota vehicles come with Bongiovi (no, not Bon Jovi, which would be awesome) Acoustics Digital Power Station (DPS) - the first 100% digital audio processor and amplifier system certified for automotive use. But it doesn't stop there. Thankfully, JBL and Toyota engineers have worked together to create one of the most superior crossover SUV speaker systems in existence. JBL and Toyota have selectively placed each speaker (for a total of 12 to 16 separate speakers and standalone amps), fine-tuning the signal-processing to reflect the interior acoustics "in a custom blend of art and science", delivering the optimal acoustic experience no matter which seat you are in. 

Go Mobile with Your Family's Favourite Movies

While the 2013 RAV4 included a Seat Top DVD Rear Seat Entertainment System (RSE) Toyota decided to opt out of this option in 2014/15, in order to keep the RAV4 the most price-competitive/best-value crossover SUV in 2015. However, the vehicle is built to accept custom Audiovox Dual DVD Headrest systems and other overhead DVD player options. Toyota has managed to open up your auto infotainment options while keeping costs down by tailoring the system to accommodate your preferences without forcing options on you.

Keep Ahead of the Game with a Video Game Console

One increasingly popular AI installation includes the integration of video game consoles into a vehicle. The RAV4 is no exception. Keep the gamers in your road-tripping party entertained by utilizing the RAV4's center console video/audio inputs allowing the split-screen function of the Dual-View system to take over and open up the interior world for an optimal gaming experience.

Stay Socially (& Safely) Connected While on the Road

Often, keeping entertained while on the road involves staying socially connected to friends and family that don't have the opportunity to be seated along with you. Nothing helps pass the time better that good conversation. Using the RAV4's multimedia touch screen and paired compatible Bluetooth-9 mobile phone you can access your phonebook, browse contacts, and place calls. Of course, this can all be done safely without actually touching your smartphone by simply pressing the voice command (using voice recognition software) button on the RAV4 steering wheel.

The verdict is in, there is no better crossover SUV auto infotainment system and capability around. If you reside in the Greater Vancouver area and are looking to maximize the entertainment potential of your vehicle we encourage you to contact Westminster Toyota to inquire about an AI system perfectly suited to you and your RAV4.