Toyota Celebrates the Most Wonderful Year

Toyota Celebrates the Most Wonderful Year

Toyota Celebrates 2018

There's no better time to celebrate a groundbreaking 365 days than right here during the most wonderful time of the year. It was a banner annum for Toyota, one that allowed the manufacturer to deliver better, safer, more efficient, and downright fun vehicles into the capable hands of drivers. As we head into the final stretch of the holidays, we'd thought we'd look back at the highlights of the year while letting you know why now is the perfect time to get behind the wheel of a new Toyota.

3 Toyota Releases that Helped Make 2017 One of the Best Years to Date (for Drivers)

The New 2018 Camry Redesign

Toyota Celebrates - 2018 Camry

Some years go by with little more than a slight refresh or subtle update to a vehicle, but nothing too dramatic. And in many cases, that's all that's required because after all, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? But the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) team could not sit idle any longer when it came to one of North America's best selling vehicles - the Camry. 

The anticipation came to a boil at Detroit's 2017 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) where the manufacturer pulled out all stops for the live stream reveal of the new 2018 Camry. The crowd of car enthusiasts and media alike were wooed by the new design, complete with a sleeker/lower profile, a two-piece grille, a wider wheel base, and lower belt line. Driver-centric specs also impressed, with the revamped vehicle offering three enhanced drivetrains: a 3.5 L V6, 2.5 L four-cylinder, and hybrid. Come see what all the fuss is about and reveal the new Camry to yourself, right here.

The C-HR Hit the Market

Toyota Celebrates - 2018 C-HR

It wasn't that long ago that the Toyota C-HR was deemed a concept car, a one-off that intended to show drivers what the far-off future was capable of delivering. Turns out that future wasn't so far off, with the C-HR being manufactured for the North American market this year. Our dealership is one of the few places you'll find the C-HR in Greater Vancouver, but before you stop by we'll give you a little refresher on what to expect. 

This futuristic vehicle sports a sleek low profile with a cantilevered rear spoiler and steeply raked rear window, and carries the contemporary trend on the inside with accents such as the distinguishing diamond-motif. A standard 4.2-inch TFT Multi-Information Display and available 7-inch touch-screen not so subtly hint at the impressive tech and auto-infotainment suite within, while the mechanics offer power, driven by the 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine which dispatches 144 horsepower. The thing that really wows people on the market for an impactful new SUV is the price of the C-HR, only $26,575 CAD (at print). Have a look at our complete C-HR lineup and conclude your year on a wonderful note too.

The Year of the Yaris

Toyota Celebrates - 2018 Yaris

The little compact that could really did this year, as the Yaris received a significant upgrade that made new drivers, young professionals, and swinging singles turn their heads. You'll have to excuse the enthusiasm here, but the new Yaris is just awesome.

One thing we really loved about the update, is that Toyota actually removed a few interior features, taking helpful notes (from valued customers/drivers) regarding predecessor models, and delivered the most efficient version to date. The 6.1-inch touchscreen evidences the streamlined new functionality of the compact vehicle, offering functions and controls that are more intuitive than ever before.

The exterior received a facelift too, with an even sportier and more fashionable facade that accommodates available 16-inch alloy wheels with sleek dark accents and available LED Daytime Running Lights to highlight the vehicle when zipping along the roads of your urban oasis. And zip you will as the manufacturer somehow managed to jam 106 horsepower into this sporty compact hatchback. For all of the brilliant updates to the spirited vehicle, fans remain in good spirits thanks to the $19,390 (CAD at press) price tag which makes the Yaris one of the most affordable vehicles in its class. What a wonderful year indeed.  

Toyota released the above automobiles in celebration of you, to honor all of the handwork you do day in and out, all year long. If you're ready to treat yourself to a new vehicle, we invite you to come on down to our Greater Vancouver dealership and test drive one or all of the above new vehicles and see which suits you best. Simply contact us to schedule an appointment and let's get ready for another amazing year, together.