Must-Have Cool RAV4 Accessories & Custom Concepts

Must-Have Cool RAV4 Accessories & Custom Concepts

SUV enthusiasts looking for more than a vessel to drop the kids off at school or make Costco runs look to the Toyota RAV4. This is not your soccer mom's SUV. The RAV4 puts the sport back in sport utility vehicle and bucks the misnomer that you need anything more than four-cylinders to get respect from less-traveled roads. Simply put, our Recreational Active Vehicle (RAV4) is both adventurous and downright cool, right "out of the box".

However, that hasn't stopped a few imaginative souls from having some fun by customizing their RAV4's. With input from their Toyota dealers and the talented touch of local custom shops inspired RAV4 owners have gone beyond the common additions of roof-racks and rear-door spare-tire mounts. Let's take a look at some seriously cool RAV4 customizations from around the world with a few new concepts thrown into the mix.

Cool Accessories and Custom Inspirations for Your Toyota RAV4

The Nudge

OK, we promised to deliver some beyond-the-norm customizations for your RAV4 but we had to start with one of the most popular "in-house" (available via Toyota) accessories that immediately changes the way others see your RAV4. Adding the Nudge Bar promptly tells onlookers that you intend to use your vehicle for much more than running errands. Not only is this accessory functionally sound for both the off-road and for day to day urban/suburban life it aesthetically looks.tough. Consider adding a custom grill while you're at it, for extra effect.

The Spoiler Alert (and Scoop)

Adding a rear spoiler gives your RAV4 a true custom feel. Build-in a larger than normal hood catching paint job (such as seen here courtesy of and you've got the trifecta that completely alters everything you thought a RAV4 could be.

The Suicidal.Doors

There are some RAV4 owners that have decided to make a big statement with their customized SUV by adding "suicide doors". This concept for the RAV4 first landed in 2005 (as pictured above, courtesy of and has been followed by a few daring owners since. Pulling up to the curb and stepping out of a RAV4 is one thing, doing so under the open wings of suicide doors is something else entirely.

The Off-Road Rally

Looking to step things up a notch when it comes to your RAV4 off-road experience? The RAV4 is no stranger to the competitive rally circuit (pictured above, courtesy of While your aspirations may be more suited to the grass and dirt roads of the Pacific Northwest you can customize your RAV4 to take on all conditions while still looking impressive on the avenues of the concrete jungle. What do you need to make this happen? For starters, a front-lifted coil spring, a rear-lift spring, and rear-shocks. There are complete original equipment manufacturer (OEM) RAV4 lift kits available, just an online search away.

The Woodie Wagon SUV 

There has been a major resurgence in the popularity of the woodie wagon. We're not talking about those old wood-paneled station wagons your Uncle Fred used to pull up in every Thanksgiving, we're talking California dreams, the ones with palm trees in the background and a surfboard on the roof. Visit any local Show n' Shine and you'll see these restored woodies being 

drooled over in the lot. This type of custom job has spilled over into present day, with car owners from all walks of life envisioning what their modern rides would look like with wood grain expertly worked onto the exterior frame, complemented by a high-gloss wood dash kit on the interior. We have yet to see anyone turn their RAV4 into a woodie wagon - wouldn't it be great if you could be the first!?

Feeling inspired? Greater Vancouver residents considering a RAV4 can come down to our Westminster Toyota dealership to discuss less-extreme custom options. Our staff can even provide you with some intel on the best custom shops in the area that can take your new RAV4 to a whole other level.