Must Have Accessories for Your 2018 Toyota Tacoma or Tundra this Summer

Must Have Accessories for Your 2018 Toyota Tacoma or Tundra this Summer

While the 2018 Toyota Tacoma and Tundra boast all of the standard features you could ever dream of in a pickup, the manufacturer has made available a wide range of accessories to help make driving your truck even more enjoyable. Imagine updating your off-road companion so that it directly reflects your personal style while better accommodating all that you intend on putting it through? There's something for everyone when it comes to add-ons, but today we take a look at some fun ones that will help make your summer (and beyond) adventures the most memorable ones to date.

5 Toyota Tacoma and Tundra Exterior Accessories to Ramp Up Your Summer Adventures

Deck Rail Camera Mount

Tacoma owners are already stoked about the standard GoPro mount on the windshield, but why not replay your summertime off-road adventures from the backside too? Designed to hold a standard GoPro camera, the anodized cast aluminum mount attaches to the factory deck rail on the Tacoma and Tundra alike without requiring any tools whatsoever. Don't worry about those tough bumps on the road, as the package also includes a pair of tethers which attach to the mount and the GoPro case for added protection. 

Bed Extender

Expand your Tundra's impressive utility further with the updated bed extender. This must have accessory increases the truck's bed length by up to two full feet with the tailgate down, but can also help contain smaller gear when the tailgate is up. While non-Toyota manufactured bed extenders don't quite look the part, the powder-coat finish of this branded version enhances both durability and appearance. In addition, the bed extender is in compliance with DOT lighting requirements, allowing the taillights to remain visible at all times. You also don't have to worry about security, as the extender cannot be removed when the tailgate is up and locked. Lastly, the angle-release mounting brackets provide for easy installation or removal.

The Tacoma's bed extender is equally impressive, delivering optimal strength without added weight thanks to the application of aircraft-grade aluminum tube construction that is complemented by tough, glass-reinforced nylon uprights. 

Rack it Up

Each truck offers fantastic racking systems for your summer outdoor recreational toys. 

For one, the Tundra's locking fork bike rack is custom-designed for its unique deck rail system. Your bike can be positioned along the front bed rail with effortless mounting. And when you want to park and leave the vehicle to go for a hike or dip in the lake, you can simply remove the front wheel of your bike, position the forks into the skewer, and lock it up for safe keeping. 

Then there is the Tacoma's roof rack, a versatile system that has been designed to merge with the Tacoma's distinctive styling while making it easier than ever to secure cargo (up to 100 lb capacity!) be it a quiver of surfboards or a two-person kayak. The low-profile roof rack is easy to install on the Tacoma's factory roof rail channels and can be seamlessly adjusted without having to dig into your toolbox. And for those days when all you need is the open road and your truck you'll be happy to know that the cross bars can be stowed into the side rails when not in use to mitigate wind noise.

Bed Lighting Kit

Your summer adventures extend into the moonlight hours but that doesn't mean you should have to fumble with a flashlight to access your camping gear. This is where bed lighting kits for the Tundra and Tacoma come in handy.

Each high-performance LED truck bed lighting system features two separate light assemblies (including six LEDs on the Tundra), with one on the inside bed walls and another near the rear of the cargo area - providing optimal light distribution to assist your vision when loading and unloading the truck bed. Both lighting kits offer precise placement angles that point towards key cargo locations, and of course each system has been constructed from the highest-quality and durable materials on the automotive accessory market.

Step It Up

You've got a wealth of options when it comes to tough looking (yet functional) step installations for both the Tundra and the Tacoma.

On the Tundra, the brushed stainless steel stepboards feature two heavy duty injection-molded step pads which offer a skid-resistant tread surface at each door. Alternatively, you can opt for the Predator tube step, which has been constructed from 6061 aluminum and aesthetically treated with a distinguished black powder coating, or go for the tube steps with skid-resistant heavy-duty step pads which look cool while channelling water off onto the rugged terrain below.

On the Tacoma, you can enjoy the chrome 3-inch round tube steps with skid-resistant polypropylene heavy duty step pads, or the 5-inch oval tube steps which not only provide dual-molded and skid-resistant heavy-duty step pads on both sides of the vehicle, they are manufactured with lightweight aluminum construction to offer chip and rust resistance, while coming in your choice of chrome-plated or a black powder-coat finish. Or, like the Tundra, the Tacoma also includes Predator tube steps in its 2018 exterior accessory catalogue. 

View available (varies by region) 2018 Tundra accessories here, and available (varies by region) 2018 Tacoma accessories here. Contact our Greater Vancouver dealership to find out which exterior accessories we can help you outfit your truck with in time to maximize your summertime fun.