Celebrities that Drive Toyotas - Top Celebrity Toyota Drivers

Celebrities that Drive Toyotas Top Celebrity Toyota Drivers

Whether we like to admit it or not, many of us are influenced by celebrity purchases. It's natural because we assume that they perform their due diligence before making one. They essentially have the pick of the litter, so it makes sense that have chosen wisely.

Next to red carpet dresses and tuxedos, vehicles fall in-line as one of their most conscious purchase (or rental) decisions. As a follow-up to this fun article on top Toyota moments in Hollywood history, we are looking at famous people that are known to get behind the wheel of a Toyota vehicle.

Top 5 Celebrities Who Proudly Drive Toyota Vehicles

1. Leonardo DiCaprio - Toyota Prius

Leo DiCaprio, Toyota Prius, Cars that celebrities drive, by Westminster Toyota serving Burnaby and Metro Vancouver


It's no secret that the Toyota Prius is one of the most popular and cutting edge vehicles in its class on the market. There are so manycelebrities that drive a Prius (including Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, and more) that it's impossible to keep up. But when it comes to picking one, you can get much bigger than recent Oscar winner (finally) Leonardo DiCaprio. Known for his absolute dedication to protecting the environment it makes perfect sense that DiCaprio picks a Prius for his go-to vehicle. You may not have needed another reason to consider a Toyota Prius for your next vehicle, but this sure helps.

"I still have only one car, and that's a Toyota Prius." (Leonardo DiCaprio, Daily Finance) 

2. Samuel L. Jackson - Toyota Camry

Samuel L Jackson, Toyota Camry, Cars that celebrities drive, by Westminster Toyota serving Metro Vancouver


Could you imagine a better voiceover for your Toyota road trip soundtrack than Samuel L. Jackson? Minus his famous expletives, that is. The instantly recognizable icon was spotted this year cruising around Beverly Hills in a Toyota Camry. If the new Camry is cool enough for Shaft we think it will suit you just fine! 


3. Mark Wahlberg - Toyota Sienna

Former bad boy Mark Wahlberg has fully embraced family life, and wears this fact on his bicep bulging sleeve. While his freewheeling days may have had him zipping through Hollywood in a Lamborghini Diablo his sensible side has switched over to the Toyota Sienna. Don't believe us? Check out this recent video from Ellen where Wahlberg expresses his appreciation for the new Sienna. 

4. Christian Bale - Toyota Tacoma

Christian Bale, Toyota Tacoma, Cars that celebrities drive, by Westminster Toyota serving Metro Vancouver

Forget the Batmobile, Batman drives a Tacoma! That's right, Christian Bale is an owner of an earlier model Tacoma and drives it as his everyday-life vehicle. Seen around town filling up at local gas stations and running errands, this normally elusive celebrity is proud of his pickup and rightfully so. The Toyota Tacoma is an icon in its class, just like Mr. Bale. 


5. Sean Penn - Toyota Tacoma TDR Pro

Sean Penn, Toyota Tacoma TDR Pro, Cars that celebrities drive, by Westminster Toyota serving Metro Vancouver

This one comes hot off of the presses. Sean Penn was recently in Haleiwa on Oahu and was spotted by a friend of our very own Toyota dealership. Sean and his blonde-haired companion were coming out of Breakers (a famous breakfast point frequented by surfers, of which count this celebrity among their tribe). Upon pulling up beside their vehicle in the North Shore Marketplace lot Penn was seen stepping into an early model grey Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro - a perfect vehicle for his north shore surf expeditions. 

Burnaby Toyota Tacoma TDR Pro, Orange, Westminster Toyota serving Metro Vancouver


While Sean was happy to throw back a shaka-wave in recognition he cordially declined a photo. Given his history with photographers it was best not to push. But it is not uncommon to find the original Spicolicarving up waves on Oahu on a regular basis (where he has a part-time home). Keep an eye out for that TRD Pro if you happen to be on the island and it may lead you to one of the biggest celebrities on the planet.

Ready to join your favorite celebrity on the road? If you reside in the Greater Vancouver area (aka "Hollywood North") feel free to contact our dealership for a test drive today.