Best Toyota Vehicles for Visibility 2019

Best Toyota Vehicles for Visibility 2019

Best Toyota Vehicles for Visibility 2019

The southern coast of British Columbia has begun the new year under a blanket of mist. It's true that autumn may be considered the official "fog season" in our neck of the province but the natural phenomenon can occur for lengthly periods at any time of the annum. On the Vancouver Island coast fog is very common in the summer, while in Greater Vancouver visibility is an all-season challenge given that we rank third among the major population centers of Canada, with an average of 62 days of fog reported per year. Then, there's the fact that with each passing summer highway visibility is further hampered by the haze of seasonal wildfires, an unfortunate trend that is expected to continue thanks (no thanks) to climate change. Factor in any visual impairments (no matter how slight) that you may have, and you're headed for a very uneasy experience on the road. 

Today, Westminster Toyota is here with some guidance on which 2019 Toyota vehicles offer improved visibility so that you have a more enjoyable and safer drive no matter the time of the year.

Top 2019 Toyota Cars and SUVs for Improved Visibility on Greater Vancouver BC Roads

2019 Toyota RAV4

Best SUVs for Visibility - Rav4 2019

With an even sportier look, enhanced power, standard All-Wheel Drive (AWD), and impressive MPG, the new RAV4 leads the charge for its class in so many ways. However, let's not overlook the revamped visibility that this updated crossover SUV provides. 

The RAV4's side mirrors are now positioned lower on the doors, providing drivers with expanded forward visibility around the A-pillar (what holds the windshield in place). Side visibility is also significantly increased, with credit given to the lowered belt-line (the line representing the bottom edge of a vehicle's glass panels) in addition to the redesigned and enlarged rear-quarter glass. But that's not all.

The crossover SUV's instrument panel boasts an updated horizontal layout with a slimmer profile and a lower position, further enhancing forward visibility. The reduced visible angle is felt in the cabin too, delivering a feeling of openness which serves driver comfort and vision all the same.

Then, there's the RAV4's brand new Digital Rearview Mirror. Connected to a high-mounted, adjustable wide-angle, high-definition camera on the rear of vehicle, this new feature allows drivers to flip a switch for increased field of vision through the rearview mirror, day or night, while mitigating nighttime glare from other light sources along the road, which once again improves visibility and reduces eye fatigue.

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2019 Toyota Avalon 

best cars for visibility - 2019 avalonWhen we introduced the 2019 Avalon early in 2018 we admittedly spent so much time discussing the luxurious aesthetics and premium performance that we neglected to cover what drivers would see on the outside. The answer? A lot. 

Thanks to a more rigid unibody, the Avalon has sleeker and thinner A-pillars which immediately equates better forward visibility. Then there's the XLE and XSE models, which both have LED Vision Tech headlights with restyled Daytime Running Lights offering optimal light disbursement for an array of situations, including low-visibility weather such as fog. When it comes to the Limited and Touring models, drivers will enjoy Adaptive LED Cornering lamps for better visibility around corners and curves no matter the speed - automatically improving illumination by an estimated 60 percent. 

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2019 Toyota Prius 

Best Cars for Visibility - 2019 Prius

The new Prius has made leaps and bounds over its predecessors with respect to visibility. For one, the standard (all grades) backup camera with a full-width glass panel beneath the hybrid vehicle's rear spoiler significantly assists rearward visibility. 

Having done away with unnecessary constructs within the interior, the straightforward cabin gets plenty of natural light and impeccable visibility thanks to taller windows and a rear hatch that maintains a lower glass section for even better all around views. Plus, with the super flat rear seat bottom there is now more than enough space in the second row, which means passengers can sit comfortably and lower which frees up visible space in your rear windows. In addition, Automatic High Beams switch on and off for maximum visibility during challenging road conditions, and if you throw in the optional LED Fog Lamps you're ready for whatever creeps into the atmosphere before you.

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What's the best way to find out if a new car provides the visibility you need? Come see for yourself and take a test drive in the cars above or any others on our lot that catch your eye. Contact Westminster Toyota in Greater Vancouver today.