Best Toyota Sports Car for 2017 - The New Toyota 86

Best Toyota Sports Car for 2017 - The New Toyota 86

No, were not trying to sell you a used car when we claim that the 86 is the top sports car for the year ahead. In this case, the 86 references Toyota's historic front-engined and rear-wheel drive sports coupés and hatchbacks which include the AE86 range known well for its handing and drifting abilities. And while you don't have any plans to oversteer (and drift) your vehicle around any urban corners (right?) you are looking for a new sports car that manages and handles unlike any other. Enter the 2017 Toyota 86, which debuted this year and has created ravenous anticipation amongst casual and hardcore racing enthusiasts alike. 


5 Reasons Why the Toyota 86 is the Most Sought After Sports Car for 2017


1. Born to Perform on the Track, Made for Your Road 

The history of Toyota's 2000GT, Sports 800 and AE86 have been updated and rolled into one with the 86. This 2017 model has already been stamped with enough racetrack and street cred to solidify its place in that longstanding legacy. The ultra-lightweight body allows the 86 to release every ounce of performance while the rear-wheel drive chassis with dynamic handling lets you attack corners with complete confidence. Speed, braking, and handling unite with the driver (you), car and the road. 


The sport-tuned suspension has been designed to sharpen turns and enhance the 86's grip over uneven surfaces. This enables you to carve corners with military precision. The vehicle stability control with Track Mode pushed your performance limits while the added body-strength reinforcement equates a more rigid body to effectively reduce unwanted noise, harshness, and vibration. That's not to say you can't kick back and cruise in the 86, as the suspension is limber enough to drive at an easy and comfortable pace. 


The 86 is powered by a 2.0-liter flat-four engine. The six-speed manual features an optimized power curve, 205 horsepower, and 156 lb ft of torque that pays no mind to up and coming inclines thanks to its Hill Start Assist Control (HAC). HAC keeps the vehicle pushing ahead when switching from brake to accelerator. 




The look is half of the appeal for many. Toyota knows this all too well, which is why the 86 is one of the top sports cars on the surface too. To accommodate what enthusiasts expect in sports car design, the 86 was made with a long hood and short rear deck, but adds a stylish new twist. Sculpted with aerodynamic efficiency, the car has a drag coefficient of just .29 Cd and new vortex generators on the fenders to manage turbulent airflow. This reimagining also includes a reshaped front chin spoiler with integrated wing-like projections that not only look cool, they add stability and control. 


Lighting in the front and rear amplifies the cutting-edge style of this allow-wheeled machine. In the front, are available LED Daytime Running Lights that shine via an eye-catching light strip that conveys a bold and signature look for the 86. In the rear, LED lighting ignites the taillights and draws further attention to the chrome-tipped cat-back dual exhaust system. Wrap it all in one of the 86's sleek color options, which include (but are not exclusive to) Oceanic, Ablaze, and Hot Lava. 


On the inside, sport is complemented with sophistication as Granlux trim envelopes the dashboard, door panels and upper-seat bolsters. The vehicle's devotion to performance is also noted within by aluminum-dipped sport pedals and gauges. And of course, Toyota has manufactured a wide range of accessories exclusive to the 86 to truly customize the vehicle to reflect your individual style. 


3. It's High-Tech 


Futuristic performance is also evident in other aspects of the 86, including auto-infotainment.  The sports car comes standard with technology that includes a bright 7-inch touch-screen display, Bluetooth connectivity, and a superior display audio system with controls mounted on the steering wheel. The 86 is outfitted with eight speakers, an auxiliary audio jack, USB 2.0 port with iPod connectivity, voice recognition w/voice training, hands-free phone capability, phonebook access, music streaming, and more. 


4. It's Safe 


This car isn't for running errands (but you can), it's for those of you that want to hit the track or open road and feel what decades of automotive genius have been able to accomplish. That being said, high-performance requires a superior level of safety to keep you and your passengers safe. Thankfully, Toyota's standard Star Safety System is included, which involves the renowned Smart Stop Technology (SST). SST is especially relevant to the 86 in that it reduces engine power when both the brake and gas pedals are pressed at the same time, an event that can occur when quick adjustments are made on the track or road. The vehicle has a rear backup camera and six standard airbags which include a driver and front passenger advanced airbag system and seat-mounted side airbags, in addition to front and rear side curtain airbags. 


5. It's Surprisingly Affordable 


The icing on the cake is the price. The 2017 Toyota 86 has made its way onto our Greater Vancouver lot at an extremely affordable price, starting as low as $29,280 CAD. What are you waiting for? Request a quote on the best new sports car for 2017 today or contact our Vancouver area dealership to schedule a test drive, or to ask us anything.