Best Toyota Cars for College Grads

Best Toyota Cars for College Grads

Top Toyota Cars for University Grads - Red 2016 Yaris - Vancouver Toyota Dealer

College and university graduation is around the corner. You may be a proud parent with a student on the verge of receiving their degree or you yourself are accepting the honors. Congratulations either way! Whichever the case, such a life transition is often marked with the purchase of a new car.

You (or yours) are about to embark on a new journey. Nothing will get you better equipped than having a new car as a companion. Whether taking time off to travel the open road, moving to a new city for an opportunity, or diving into a career that has you behind the wheel you want a vehicle as steadfast as your education yet as exciting as your future prospectsOnce again, Toyota delivers.

4 Top Toyota Cars for University Graduates Heading Out into the New World

Yaris Hatchback

At this point in your life you might not be quite ready for a sedan, which is why the Yaris hatchback (pictured above) is perfect. The Yaris has always been about independence, and as a new graduate the vehicle simply makes sense. With up to an EPA estimated 37 mpg highway and 30 city mpg you'll be able to keep up with those student loans without having to hold back on the road. Given that you're coming off of a post-secondary technological advanced environment, you'll want to step into the same when getting behind the wheel.

The Yaris' available remote keyless entry opens up your world to a 6.1 inch touch-screen complemented by hands-free phone capability, Bluetooth® wireless music streaming, a USB port, and voice recognition software. Toyota knows that you've traded your book bag for even more stuff, be it recreational gear or gadgets to forward your impending entrepreneurship or career. With a rear lift-back door, 60/40 split fold-down rear seat, and an exceptionally roomy cargo-hold you can get in everything you want to fit in. And as life progresses and you prepare to enter that next phase, transitioning to a sedan will be a breeze in the 2016 Yaris sedan. View more on the 2016 Yaris hatchback here.


Top Toyota Cars for University Grads - Red 2016 Rav4 - Vancouver Toyota Dealer

An SUV may not be the first type of vehicle that comes to mind when considering a car for college graduates but the 2016 RAV4 is eons far from traditional. This compact (yet roomy at up to 73.4 cubic feet cargo space) SUV bucks all preconceptions from the first look. Its daring and sleek design defines everything a new grad is. It's exciting, efficient, and promises a fruitful future. The available athletic profile and oh-so-sweet honeycomb grille with sporty 18-inch alloy wheels tells you that this vehicle can accommodate your own boundless energy. The RAV4 is also well-educated, with an available SmartKeySystem, SofTex® driver's seat memory, informative SE gauge cluster, and sophisticated leather-trimmed steering wheel - IVY league all the way! Factor in integrated navigation software, SiriusXM® satellite radio, and available JBL® GreenEdge speakers and there will be no need to pine for frat/sorority days long gone. Get a higher education on the 2016 RAV4 here or 2016 RAV4 Hybrid here.

Pruis c

Top Toyota Cars for University Grads - 2016 Prius c - Vancouver Toyota Dealer

The sky's the limit with this one! College/university graduates today are not just tech-savvy, they are more eco-conscious than alumni before them. That's why the Prius c (and v, discussed next) is the perfect vehicular match. With five models to choose from your world just got bigger. Technology, including Siri Eyes-Free, is abundant in the Prius c, allowing you to stay connected to the latest tunes, directions, your fellow grads, and yes, the folks. Being a Prius, you already know this vehicle comes equipped with the proven Hybrid Synergy Drive system (and a jaw-dropping 53 mpg city), opening up the road while closing your carbon footprint. Convenience is also key to your post-grad life. The Prius c focuses on intelligent space, including a 6-way adjustable driver's seat, available Smart Key System, 5-door access, optional 60/40 split fold-down rear seats, and an available moonroof that makes you feel as if you can go anywhere in this great big world. And you can! Study up on the 2016 Prius c here.

Prius v

Top Toyota Cars for University Grads - Blue 2016 Prius v - Vancouver Toyota Dealer

The most intelligent vehicle on the market for new grads is the Prius v. It begins with thoughtful design that even honor-roll engineer graduates will dig. The v extends on c's moonroof, with an available panoramic view that is the next best thing to a convertible. The available 8-way power adjustment (with power lumbar support) will be a refreshing change from hours spend adjusting in your lecture hall seats and the sliding/reclining rear seats allow those friends who fell asleep in the back of the hall, to continue doing so, on the road. The Prius v's witty repertoire continues with its clever under-floor storage system that lets you safely and securely store laptops and other daily appendages. With the seats folded down, this vehicle allows up to 67.3 cubic feet of cargo space. 

The Prius' intellect is prime when it comes to technology. It comes standard with the most easy-to-follow rear backup camera, available touch screen navigation and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control. The Hybrid Synergy Drive system is of course the highlight, accompanied by an energy monitor that indicates real time operation of the hybrid system, allowing you to gauge the most efficient source while driving. The Prius v offers three different modes, including EV, ECO and Power and the Trip Information Display lets you keep a watchful eye on gas mileage with an instantaneous readout of current and average mpg. Your pocket book remains full with an EPA estimated 42 mpg combined  Get educated on the 2016 Prius v here.