Best Toyota Car to Buy for Your Teenager / New Young Driver

Best Toyota Car to Buy for Your Teenager New Young Driver

Toyota Burnaby - Top Toyotas for new young drivers

It's one of the most concerning times in the life of a parent. Your baby is no longer a baby. They've turned sixteen, got their license, and they're ready to drive. Knowing that sharing one vehicle amongst the family isn't practical, you're now faced with the prospect of buying them a car. The fact that there are so many choices is one thing. But you're also dealing with a teenager. Not just any car will do. You have your agenda (safety, etc.) and they have theirs (image, peers, etc.). 

Fret not. We've had more than our fair share of families comes through our Vancouver / Burnaby area dealership. We know what both of you are looking for, and looking out for. Allow us to guide you towards the tried and true Toyota vehicles that have come through for new young drivers. 

3 Top Toyota Vehicles Parents Want for Their New Young Drivers

Toyota Burnaby - 2016 Rav4 white - Greater Vancouver

Toyota RAV4

Why They'll Love It - A compact SUV for teens? You bet! For starters, the RAV4 is sleek and sporty on the outside and in, a perfect match for the spirited teen that's excited about getting out on the road. With plenty of room in this compact SUV they'll be able to gather up the whole crew, rack gear on the roof, and be on their way to adventure. But it doesn't stop there by any means. Your teen is likely more technologically advanced than you (no shame in that) and thankfully Toyota has been able to keep up with their demands in that department. From the moment they step in, they'll note the beaming 6.1 inch touch-screen and Multi-Information Display, making them feel right at home. The RAV4 is heralded as the best crossover SUV when it comes to auto-infotainment which is all you really need to sell them on this smart vehicle. Now keep reading to find out why you want them behind the wheel of a RAV4. 

Why You'll Love It - The RAV4 offers your teen a safe and steady drive. The vehicles available Dynamic Torque-Control All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system enhances driver-handling through the distribution of power from the front to rear, managing the SUV's braking system from side to side while offering maximum control on all surfaces. The new RAV4 is outfitted with an ECO-mode, which your pocket book will appreciate on a monthly basis. Of course, safety is everything when it comes to your young driver. That's why parents love Toyota's renowned STAR Safety SystemT which includes Enhanced Vehicle Stability Control, Traction Control, an Anti-lock Brake System, Electronic Brake-force, Distribution, Brake Assist, and is capped by Smart Stop Technology. The RAV4 also has a superior rear camera that displays a live view on the dash's touch-screen display as your teen backs up. 

Toyota Yaris Hatchback

Toyota Burnaby - Toyota Yaris Hatchback red

Why They'll Love It - Your teenager lives in a world of attractive, compact, and forward-thinking technology. The Yaris speaks to their expectations. Built for the urban and suburban driver alike, this vehicle, complete with a restyled grille, cranks up the cool factor. This is especially the case if you opt for the available two-toned exterior, 16 inch alloy wheels, and LED Daytime Running Lights that provide an eye-catching look day and night alike. And the Yaris drives like a dream. New drivers love the feel of the sport-tuned front suspension (on the SE) and sporty handling. On the inside, your young driver steps in (via remote keyless entry, of course) to a 6.1 inch touch-screen audio system that offers hands-free phone capability, Bluetooth, a USB port and built-in voice recognition software. The Yaris is also perfect for teens with a full-slate of projects, be they for school or their own interests. With a 60/40 split rear seat (can be folded separately) they can transform their car into a cargo bay to fit everything from artwork, film equipment, or whatever other contraptions they consider to be essential to their existence.  

Why You'll Love It The Yaris is one of the most economical options around when it comes to cars for teens. The 2016 model has an EPA-estimated 37 highway and 30 city mpg. You'll get the most miles/km for your teen's gas allowance dollar. The Yaris also comes with Toyota's standard Star Safety System, but adds advanced Whiplash-Injury Lessening front seats and nine airbags, ensuring the safety of your young driver and their passengers. View more on the 2016 Yaris Hatchback.

Toyota Burnaby - Toyota Prius C lime green - Vancouver Toyota Dealer

Toyota Prius C


Why They'll Love It - Does your teen give you the chastising eye when you forget to recycle or compost? Do they place the environment high on their list of concerns yet remain fashion and tech conscious? Then this is the car for them. As the original mass-produced hybrid, Toyota has always delivered the Yaris in a highly attractive and visionary package. In 2016 this trend-setter has been updated with a stylish new grille, enhanced LED headlights, and futuristic LED taillights that will impress. The Yaris C is available in vibrant colors with equally dazzling names, such as Electric Lime Metallic, Tangerine Splash, Pearl, and Sparkling Sea Metallic. Auto-infotainment is also cutting edge, seamlessly connecting their phone and playlists via Bluetooth wireless technology and comes equipped with a USB port and an auxiliary audio jack. The interior not only serves as a tech hub, but as a cargo hold, with 5-door flexibility and 60/40 split fold down rear seats which can be custom configured to accommodate passengers and gear alike. 

Why You'll Love It - Reducing your family's carbon footprint on the road is no longer an expensive concept. The 2016 Yaris C is a steal when it comes to hybrids, and is budget-friendly in comparison to most other options in and around its class. In addition to a surprisingly low price, Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive technology provides the Prius C with an EPA-estimated 53 mpg city. The Prius C's EV-mode runs entirely on battery power for up to one-half mile at low speeds while ECO-mode assists in maximizing the car's fuel economy. 

The 2016 Yaris also benefits from an upgrade to safety, with the available Toyota Safety SenseT C system which combines Toyota's Pre-Collision System, Lane Departure Alert, Auto High Beams, and additional safety features to support your young driver's awareness and decision-making capabilities on the road. The Prius C also comes with nine airbags and Whiplash-Injury Lessening front seats. Your only concern about getting the Prius C for your teen? You may want to drive it instead! 

Take the next step to putting your teen behind a car that they'll love and you'll trust. Greater Vancouver residents can book a test drive today.