Best Cars for Runners & Fitness Buffs - Top Toyota Fits for the Fit!

Best Cars for Runners  Fitness Buffs Top Toyota Fits for the Fit

Rav4 2016 - Blue - Toyota dealer serviing Vancouver and Burnaby


It's that time of the year in Greater Vancouver. People are taking off from the office as early as possible to maximize their time on the track, seawall, court, or other outdoor expanse. Whether getting extra fit for the summer or maintaining your fitness level you are looking to complement your lifestyle with a car that "understands" your needs. As a manufacturer of vehicles known to keep up with the habits of the active population, Toyota has a line-up of 2016 models to meet your high expectations. 

Top 3 Toyotas to Accommodate the Lifestyles of the Fit and Athletic

1. Go Beyond the Wall with the 2016 RAV4 Hybrid

2016 RAV4 Hybrid interior image, Toyota dealer serviing Vancouver and Burnaby

The RAV4 Hybrid allows drivers to break through the wall and reach their destination with plenty of time to dedicate to their regime. Nothing will get in your way when you consider this compact SUV as an extension of your active lifestyle. For starters, the RAV4 just looks athletic! The sporty front-end, newly sculpted rear, and available (SE) honeycomb grille with 18-inch alloy wheels will have onlookers drawing favorable conclusions before your ripped physique even steps out of the vehicle. 

The interior is built for user-efficiency, all of it quickly accessible with the available Smart Key System. Get in and out and drive in comfort with the available 8-way power-adjustable driver's seat with memory function and power lumbar support to ensure your back maintains a core-strengthening position. The cargo hold (73.4 cubic feet) is one of the best in the compact SUV market. The available flexible cargo net system and folding 60/40 split second-row seats allow you custom configuration. Whether jamming in yoga mats, balls, bats, or any other form of fitness gear the RAV4 accommodates and will do so with ease considering the power rear lift-gate (featuring "jam protection").

As a modern fitness enthusiast you're also accustomed to checking heart rate monitors and assessing how much energy your burning. Why should your car be any different? With the RAV4's unique gauge cluster you can monitor the Hybrid Synergy Drive system with a quick glance. The new energy monitor provides real-time intel on how power is being directed to the drive wheels, or how the internal battery is being charged.

The RAV4 doesn't care if your road to fitness leads you to challenging terrain. The vehicle's  available Electronic On-Demand All-Wheel Drive with intelligence (AWD-i) has been designed to deliver instant torque to the rear wheels when more traction is needed. This vehicle also bucks assumptions held about other hybrid manufacturers when it comes to power. The RAV Hybrid delivers 194 net horsepower with remarkable acceleration. View more on the 2016 RAV4 Hybrid.

2. Hit the Road Running with the 2016 4Runner

2016 4Runner - Grey - Toyota Dealer serving Vancouver

The Toyota 4Runner is a muscular SUV that would dominate in any Cross Fit class for cars. Best known for its prowess on the off-road and often embraced by action sports junkies, this vehicle is also a great fit for mainstream fitness enthusiasts. The 4Runner doesn't just look athletic, it's a downright warrior. Its reinforced body-on-frame construction and aggressive styling suits the personalities of those that put it all out there on the track, field, pool, or asphalt court.

Do you burn your calories up on the mountain trail or some other off-the-grid destination? The 4Runner Trail includes a lever-managed transfer case that allows you to switch to low range to assist in the most challenging of conditions. The available Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System permits each wheel to uniquely adjust to the terrain while the Crawl Control function helps you determine the optimal combination of speed and traction. The 4Runner's Hill Start and available

Downhill Assist Control assist you when braking on challenging uphill and downhill roads.

It's no surprise that the interior of this SUV is spacious (88 cubic feet), but the functionality of it all takes the cake (on cheat-day, that is). The sliding rear cargo deck is super convenient, allowing not just quick access to your fitness gear, but encourages you to set up on the 440 lb capacity deck. The power rear glass window lets you reach or toss in gear at the beginning and end of your training sessions and the 40/20/40 fold flat second-row seat is big enough to hold it all. The roof allows easy bike storage integration for those triathletes looking to rack their bikes between bookending bouts of swimming and running. View more on the 2016 Toyota 4Runner.

3. The Ultimate in Urban Fitness with the 2016 Prius c and v

It's not often that the Prius finds itself in the same discussion as the tough as nails 4Runner. But when it comes to fitness enthusiasts living in a metropolis the industry-leading hybrid is a dream.

2016 Prius C and V - Orange - Toyota dealer serviing Vancouver and Burnaby


Perpetually sporty, the Prius c has a new aggressively styled grille and single-LED projector low and high beam headlights, LED taillights, and available LED fog lights. If your training runs into the late evening you'll be happy to be headed home when behind the wheel of the positively glowing Prius. No need to worry about working up a sweat and stepping into your crisp new car, as the available moonroof invites in a breeze for a post-workout cool down. As someone that appreciates energy expenditure you'll love the Hybrid Synergy Drive and EV/ECO Mode systems that allow you to monitor and maximize fuel efficiency while keeping performance optimal. The Prius is also perfect for getting you pumped up for training, as Bluetooth wireless technology enables you to play the Rocky 3 soundtrack (we don't judge) through your smartphone or by connecting via the integrated USB port. And lastly, the Prius c is well suited to athletic urbanites, with its frame designed to fit into tight parking spots should you arrive late to palates class. View more on the 2016 Prius c.

The Pruis v offers all of the benefits of the c with the added value of a station wagon. That means you don't have to sacrifice efficiency or technology for additional space. Active households appreciate a clever under-floor storage system that lets you stash your water bottles, energy drinks, protein bars, towels, and change of clothes. The rear seats fold flat to help you carry over 67 cubic feet of gear. Fitting in a jogging stroller and a few gym bags won't be a problem. View more on the 2016 Prius v. 

2016 Prius c and v - interior image - Toyota dealer serviing Vancouver and Burnaby


Stay fit and get outfitted with a new vehicle to suit your active lifestyle by contacting our Greater Vancouver dealership today.