Best Back to School Toyota Cars for College Students 2017-18

Best Back to School Toyota Cars for College Students 2017-18

3 Top Toyota Vehicles for College and University Students Entering Their 2017-18 Semesters, courtesy of Westminster Toyota in Greater Vancouver BC

The 2017-18 college/university year is about to begin. In addition to locking in class schedules, course books, and accommodations, many new and continuing students are adding a new car to their post-secondary repertoire. Next to picking your major, this is one of the most important decisions you will make, one that will either make your life easier or more challenging in the next four (plus) years. Your car will take you to and from the campus, chariot you on school break road trips, and be your companion through every step of your journey.

As the future of our country (and planet) Toyota has considered you when manufacturing its vehicles. We have taken the time to consider what you both want and need, merging the two so that we can offer you the best possible start to this exciting new chapter in your life.

Today, we are providing you with our top three picks, taking the guesswork out so that you can make an educated choice after doing your homework on which new vehicle suits you best.

3 Top Toyota Vehicles for College and University Students Entering Their 2017-18 Semesters

2017 Toyota Corolla iM

Best Back to School Cars for College Students 2017-18: 2017 Corolla iM

The new Corolla iM is a great way for the post-secondary populous to introduce themselves to the Corolla lifestyle. As the first of it's name, the iM sports the sportiest look the mass-marketed Corolla has seen yet. Toyota calls it "aggressively practical" which couldn't be more succinct, because in addition to the unique exterior and interior design, it has sport-tuned MacPherson strut front and double-wishbone rear suspension and a Sport Mode button that lets loose an expeditious quicker throttle response. 

Auto-infotainment and technology is up to date with what you as a university student expect, complete with a substantial 7-inch touch-screen, an integrated backup camera, Bluetooth connectivity, advanced voice recognition, and available integrated navigation. It also won't matter which province or state you choose to go to school in, as the standard dual zone climate control system will keep you (and a fellow student passenger) in complete comfort.

Lastly, the iM has room for all of your books, bags, and student athletic gear with 20.8 cubic feet of cargo volume and a total EPA passenger volume estimate of 90.4 cubic feet along with 60/40 split rear seats. View our complete inventory of the Corolla iM here.

2017-18 Toyota Yaris

Best Back to School Cars - 2017 / 2018 Toyota Yaris

The 2017 Yaris has received a '18 refresh as you prepare to enter your new school year. Drive onto campus with available 16-inch alloy wheels that feature sleek dark accents which build upon the vehicle's already fresh new aesthetic. This updated look includes the addition of available LED Daytime Running Lights with an accent light bar that will impress the most jaded of philosophy students on school grounds.

Given that you're on a tight schedule, you'll appreciate the available remote keyless entry which will allow you to pop in and out and to and from class with ease. The vehicle offers other conveniences on the interior, including 60/40 split fold down rear seats, position-optimized beverage holders (for those five cups of coffee you need to keep going) and storage pockets for chargers, tablets, course pamphlets, and more.

Given that we're discussing a Yaris here, you already know that tech will be a whole other level when compared to all other cars in its class. This technology is delivered via a 6.1-inch touch-screen, Bluetooth, a backup camera, hands-free phone capability, navigation, and six speakers to blast your favorite playlist or recorded lecture hall session.

View our complete inventory of the 2017 Yaris here. In addition, we're excited to announce the arrival of the 2018 Yaris on our lot - be the first to scoop one up before you start your next semester!

2018 Toyota C-HR

Best Back to School Cars for College Students 2017-18 - Toyota 201 C-HR

You may not find a crossover SUV or too many "back to school" vehicle recommendation lists, but that's because the C-HR wasn't around a year ago. Yes indeed, the vehicle of the future has arrived and it makes sense that forward-thinking university students stake their claim today. 

We can see it in the eyes of young-professionals-to-be who wander onto our Greater Vancouver lot and find the C-HR laying in wait. They note the streamlined low profile and design, the sleek interior, and superior technology that includes a driver-focused 4.2-inch TFT Multi-Information Display and a G-Force Monitor in addition to a full suite of Bluetooth-enabled auto-infotainment. Students on the go dig the 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine that delivers 144 horsepower and a Sport Mode that ramps up acceleration. While on the higher end of the college student budget, it's all relative, as this 2018 C-HR can take you from university into your professional life for as low as $26,575 (at press). View our current inventory of the 2018 C-HR.