5 New Year Resolutions Toyota Can Help You Achieve in 2018

5 New Year Resolutions Toyota Can Help You Achieve in 2018

It's been a wonderful year for the marriage between Toyota and our beloved drivers, but here we are at the onset of 2018 and it's all eyes on the road ahead. We know that you're about to start your new year resolutions and we also know it can be tough to stick to them. In an effort to help you strengthen to your resolve, we have put together an inventory of how owning a Toyota can make a real, direct, and positive impact on your lifestyle.

Five Ways Owning a New Toyota Can Keep Your New Year Resolutions on the Right Track in 2018

1. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

One of the top new year resolutions in Canada and across North America is to reduce one's carbon footprint. A household's carbon footprint can be traced directly to the car it drives. As the very first automobile manufacturer to introduce a hybrid car to the mass market, you need to look no further than Toyota to help you minimize your impact on the environment. We've grown beyond the iconic Prius, to deliver a lineup of hybrids for the makes and models you know and love. Here in 2018, you can get behind the wheel of a Camry hybrid, Highlander hybrid, and RAV4 hybrid. And with the Toyota Mirai continuing to pop up on the international auto show circuit, don't be surprised if the first affordable zero emission vehicle becomes available for the mass market soon. If you want to live as close to a NetZero life as possible, Toyota is your automobile brand of choice.

2. Improve Health and Wellness

Another leading concept among new year resolutions is to get in shape and live a healthier life altogether. Well, with a long running lineup of North America's top vehicles for fitness buffs, you've signed up at the right fitness center (err.dealership). 

For starters, the Toyota 4Runner is perfect for those that seek health and wellness in the great outdoors. The 4Runner will allow you to hit the open road and off-road alike, be your activity destination be found on the mountain (skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, hiking, etc.), by the sea (surfing, SUPing, etc.), or the backroads of BC. Alternatively, you may be looking for a vehicle that delivers what you need for a hybrid (literally and figuratively) of urban fitness and outdoor adventure. This is where the new RAV4 comes in, offering the compartments and cargo space you need for your fitness gear while packaging it all in a compact and efficient ride to take you to practically any destination on the map. If you're all about fitness in your concrete metropolis, complete with CrossFit gyms and local juice bars, then you may be best suited to the 2018 Yaris, the sportiest and most spirited compact hatchback on the market.

Beyond what Toyota can help you accomplish in outdoor fitness and daily jaunts to the gym, the manufacturer has placed a premium priority on your health and wellness by delivering some of the safest vehicles on the market. Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) and Star Safety System lead the industry in driver and passenger safety. TSS is a bundle of standard (no additional cost) active safety features on most new Toyota vehicles, and includes innovative features that have been designed to help protect you and your passengers from harm. The Star Safety System comes standard on some vehicles, and is available on others. This system includes features such as Traction Control, an Anti-lock Brake System, Brake Assist, Electronic Brake-force Distribution, Smart Stop Technology, and Vehicle Stability Control. Lastly, our own dealership has dedicated efforts to keep you safe on the road, with online content that includes tips on how to drive safer in the winter, and much more.

3. Promote Your Personal Brand

Personal branding has become a trend that not only applies to entrepreneurs and so-called socialites, but to anyone looking to promote themselves professionally and socially. If this is on your new year "to do" then we've got the automobiles for you.

To start, Toyota supports the entrepreneurial spirit with a lineup of vehicles that includes the likes of the 2018 Avalon and the 2018 RAV 4, while the latter (RAV4) also tops the longstanding list of top vehicles for young professionals. When it comes to ramping up that socialite status, you can find out why the new Yaris has been tagged as a car to make one more popular. 

Even the simple act of owning a Toyota will boost your social life. Our vehicles are so fun to drive you'll want to leave the house more often, leaving the comforts of your sofa to hit the local cafe, theater, or other gathering place where your next acquaintances (or more?) await. Don't worry, Netflix will still be on-pause for you when you return home.

4. Travel More

Becoming more adventurous may be the key to your personal growth in 2018, and once again we see how Toyota can help you accomplish the goal with a quiver of vehicles to encourage you to travel and hit the open road. Known for superior cargo space, towing/hauling, and handling on tumultuous highway conditions, we've got the 2018 4Runner, the 2018 Highlander, the 2018 Sequoia, and the only minivan in North America with All-Wheel Drive, the 2018 Toyota Sienna.

Of course, another positive side effect of "travel more" that is also a new year resolution for many, is to spend more time with family and loved ones, and what better way to do so than to take that long overdue road trip together?

5. Save More Money

One of the most popular new year resolutions is to improve ones financial status. In order to do (through investment, etc.) you need to save more money so that you can capitalize on opportunities that unfold in the year ahead. One way to save, is to reduce your ongoing household expenditures, and that can effectively be accomplished by reducing the expense of owning an automobile. 

Fuel economy is the key here and consumers look to a pair of brands to help them better manage it. Year after year and decade after decade, you will find the two top selling vehicles in North America wearing the Toyota stamp - the Corolla and the Camry. Take the Camry Hybrid SE as an example. The Hybrid Synergy Drive system, together with advanced aerodynamic design, lightweight materials, and an Energy Monitor that helps gauge your ECO/EV Mode usage, provides up to an EPA-estimated 42 mpg city. View more on how fuel economy is just one of the reasons why the new Camry is so popular with consumers. Then there is the Corolla, which just celebrated its 50th year in production. The L, LE, and XLE boast 28 mpg city / 36 hwy while the SE delivers 28 mpg city / 35 hwy and the SE 6MT comes in at 27 mpg city / 35 hwy. The LE Eco offers up to an EPA-estimated 40 mpg (highway). View more on the fuel economy (and other) benefits of driving a Corolla.

But we're not done in regards to cost savings. By driving a safer vehicle (as per item #2 above) you reduce the risk of an automobile accident. In doing so, you reduce the potential cost of insurance expenditure (deductible, premiums, etc.) and overall vehicle maintenance which once again serves to keep more money in your pocket. Simply put, buying a Toyota is one of the most economically wise decisions you will have ever made, one that will payoff this year and beyond. 

Ready to take an important step towards a life of fulfilled resolutions? If you reside in the Greater Vancouver area we encourage you to contact our Greater Vancouver dealership to schedule a test drive and/or automobile consultation. Until then, we wish a Happy New Year  to you and yours!