5 Cool Things That Got Toyota in the News this Spring

5 Cool Things That Got Toyota in the News this Spring

Realize it or not, your car says something about you. In fact, it's one of the most instrumental parts of your lifestyle. It's a four-wheeled companion that you trust on your day to day and adventures alike. Your choice in vehicle is not just about the make and model, but the brand. Is the badge on your car one that you'd be proud to wear on your proverbial sleeve?

Very few markets are quite as competitive as the automotive industry. Because of this, achieving a legacy of brand loyalty is more challenging than practically any other industry in the world. And yet, Toyota has consistently been labelled as one of the few brands (of ALL industries) to earn phenomenal customer loyalty. Toyota is in the top four along with American Express, Apple, and Starbucks. Why is this the case? Because year in and out, Toyota makes monumental moves that make the news in a positive way. Heck, we're only one month into the spring of 2017 and some pretty amazing things have happened. Today, we shed light on recent events that serve as examples as to why you are (or will be?) proud to be the owner of a Toyota.

5 Current Events that Prove Toyota is an Automotive Brand You Can Be Proud to Own

1. Beats Porsche in Last Second Win at Silverstone

Racing enthusiasts know this, but the mainstream may not. Toyota is one of the most dominant forces on the world wide racing circuit. Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch (Toyota NASCAR drivers) have become household names, and together with Toyota's updated Camry are among the favorites to win the 2017 Sprint Cup Championship. But it spans beyond the local circuit. This Easter weekend Toyota took victory in the opening round of the FIA World Endurance Championship at Silverstone, beating out Porsche in a very close call (6.173 seconds to be exact). With Toyota dominating global racetracks, imagine what it can do for you on the roads and highways near you?

2. Builds a Robotic Leg to Help Those with Paralysis

Toyota does not only embrace (and contribute to) technology to the benefit of its vehicles. The brand cares about people. Look no further than the recent news (April 2017) regarding Toyota's introduction of a wearable robotic leg brace that has been designed to help partially paralyzed people walk. While some other automative brands have chosen to showcase their robotic technologies with stand alone robots that intend to entertain, Toyota is focused on integrating robotics with the human body, benefiting those with disabilities. If Toyota can use technology to better serve humankind off the road, imagine what it can do for you on the road?

3. Makes Biggest Investment Ever in North American Automobile Production Plant

Toyota has pledged to make it's largest ever single investment in a North American plant. It's injecting $1.3 billion USD into its Georgetown, Kentucky facility. What does this mean? For one, an enthusiastic and renewed commitment to consumers across the pond (Canada included). The other key? The up and coming Camry and its integration into the fold of Toyota's New Global Architecture (TNGA). Toyota's flagship Camry sedans are built at this plant. And with the 2018 Camry (unveiled at the 2017 NAIAS) receiving a dramatic redesign, we're all excited to see Toyota put the end-all exclamation point on Camry's position as the top-selling vehicle in North America. There's a certain confidence in sticking with a brand that is pledging it commitment to the same continent you reside on.

4. Dominates Consumer Reports Top 10 for 2017 

We dropped this tidbit a couple of weeks ago but it most certainly bears repeating here. Toyota has officially dominated the 2017 Consumer Reports Top 10. No other automotive brand shared the same number of accolades, with the Yaris iA (Best Subcompact), Prius (Best Compact Hybrid), and Highlander (Best Midsize SUV) receiving top honors. Consumer watchdogs have spoken, and they are singing the praises of Toyota.

5. Wins 2017 World Green Car Award 

Toyota has led the way when it comes to reducing the carbon footprint of vehicles. The Prius was the first mass marketed hybrid vehicle when it was introduced two-decades ago. The brand hasn't taken its foot off of the accelerator pedal since. Toyota has repeated and added to its World Green Car victories at the 2017 New York International Auto Show. The Prius Prime was to credit. While the entire lot of 2017 Toyota hybrids are considered contenders, the Prius Prime is something special. With an EPA-estimated 54 mpg city, a total driving range of 640 miles, and only a 2-hour charge time (when using a public 240V charging station) the hybrid is redefining what's possible. This news will only further drive the brand to help you reduce your carbon footprint, on the road.

Stay tuned as we continue to deliver up and coming news that speaks to why Toyota drivers are the most loyal lot in the automotive industry. We are honored to count you among them.