2015 Rav4 - 5 reasons you want this Class-defining SUV

2015 Rav4 - 5 reasons you want this Class-defining SUV

Toyota has always been about designing vehicles people can rely on, and one year before its 20th anniversary in Canada, the Rav4 is an embodiment of consistent reliability. While reliability is awesome, will those considering a Toyota for the first time actually like the 2015 Rav4 for reasons that are, well, more romantic? 

We think so, and for that reason we think it fitting that we take you through a few qualities that make this vehicle so palatable.

5 reasons you want the 2015 Rav4

1. Style  

Style could be good enough reason on its own. Sleek yet sporty exterior, the Rav4 suits so many different scenarios, . date night, soccer Saturday, and weekend getaways to just about anywhere. Beyond that, it's the little refinements that come year after year, which makes Rav4 so palatable. 

Here's what's baked into the 2015 Rav4 AWD Limited:

- Your choice of Black or Terra Cotta Leatherette Upholstery,

- Exclusive Colours Options in Blizzard Pearl and Hot Lava

- 18-inch Aluminum Wheels

- Power Tailgate to round out a sexy posterior.  

- Leather-wrapped Steering Wheel and Shift Knob are available options for those looking for added cool-factor. 

2. Power ...

And lots of it for a 4-cylinder engine. 176-horsepower, 2.5-liter -6 speed automatic transmission delivers the power to the front wheels and give you 0 - 60mph in under 8 seconds. Three drive modes include Normal, Eco and Sport (but honestly, who needs the other two when you have Sport?).

3. Technology 

Inside the cabin is feature rich goodness. The Entune Infotainment System comes standard with the Entune Navigation and App Suite. Drivers get touch-screen access to a variety of apps when your device is paired to the system. Creature comforts include auto-dimming rearview mirror, 8-way power driver's seat, heated front seats, and a keyless passive entry system with push-button engine starting.

4. Fuel Economy  

AWD system estimates 22 mpg city/29 mpg highway. Not bad at all we say, but for those worried about pain at the pump, front wheel drive gives you 24mpg / 31mpg respectively.

5. Handling 

Two words: "Immensely drivable". Elegant handling and traction in city and rugged conditions is what the 2015 Rav4 is all about. It's also handy in sticky or slippery situations with its Dynamic Torque Control. The AWD system delivers up to half of the engine's output to the rear wheels. In AWD Lock setting, power splits 50/50 up to a vehicle speed of 25 mph (especially useful for the random two days a year where Metro Vancouver gets its bedlam inducing snow dump). Here is an awesome guided video tour that we found, which does a full walkaround of the vehicle. This particular segment breaks down how Toyota engineered supreior handling into the vehicle's frame (scrub forwards or backwards to see many other product features and benefits that we touch on in this article).

6. Safety 

This is Toyota nailing it as usual. All versions of the 2015 RAV4 are equipped with a reversing camera and a 6.1-in. touch-screen infotainment system. Bonus points, . the Tech package equips the RAV4 AWD Limited with blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic monitoring, lane-departure warning, and automatic high-beam headlights. Boom!

7. Luggage Capacity 

It's compact looks are deceiving, . Rav4 carries 5-passengers and is capable of loading up to 73.4 cubic feet of cargo with the rear seat backs folded. Because you need to know how many awkward items you can stow.

Hmmm, we got carried away, make that 7 reasons you want the 2015 Rav4. Whether it's the sleek exterior, killer infotainment system, class-leading safety features, undeniable drivability in all conditions, there is something for everyone in the market for a compact SUV. You can take our word for it, but it would be far more fun to take one for a test drive. We hope to see you some time soon!