Toyota Extra Care Protection

Toyota Extra Care Protection - Westminster Toyota

Your Toyota consists of thousands of moving parts, so it's reassuring to know that Toyota Extra Care Protection (ECP) is there to keep you covered. 

 ECP PLATINUM and ECP GOLD plans are available for terms up to 7 years or 200,000 km (whichever comes first), and they provide protection beyond Toyota's New Vehicle Warranty, for an extensive list of vehicle components.

ECP  GOLD Plan Coverage*

 ECP Gold covers 17 major mechanical component groups. 

  •  Engine 
  •  Manual OR Automatic Transmission / Transaxle 
  •  Front / Rear Wheel Drive 
  •  Four Wheel Drive (4WD) 
  •  Cooling System 
  •  Fuel System 
  •  Front / Rear Suspension 
  •  Steering 
  •  Air Conditioning & Heating (Original equipment or Manufacturer's Approved Kits only). 
  •  Brake System 
  •  Electrical System 
  •  High Tech Factory Installed 
  •  All sensors, all computers 
  •  Body Interior 
  •  Body Hardware 
  •  Seals & Gasket / Fluids & Filters 
  •  Hybrid Components (For Hybrid vehicles only) 

Owner Maintenance Items (Not covered by ECP)

Toyota Extra Care Protection plans for new vehicles do not cover maintenance items such as but not limited to: bulbs, trim, mouldings, glass, lenses, paint, exhaust system, brake pads, linings, upholstery, etc. These items are considered to be ongoing maintenance items and are the responsibility of the vehicle owner. 


ECP  PLATINUM Plan Coverage*

The ECP Platinum Plan Coverage is so comprehensive that there are only a few items that it does NOT cover. 

 Parts not covered are: all glass (mirrors, heated windshields and rear windows with defroster), fog lamps, lenses, sealed beams, lamps, light bulbs, tires (with the exception of ECP Road Hazard Coverage), wheels or wheel studs, trim, seat frames, convertible top, mouldings, weather-strips, bright metal, sheet metal, body parts (including frame), bumpers, upholstery, carpet, paint, brake rotors and drums, brake linings and pads, batteries and cables, manual clutch disc lining, pressure plate and bushings, throw-out bearings, catalytic converter (which may be covered by Emissions Control Systems Warranties), exhaust system, non-manufacturer installed accessories

In addition, maintenance services and parts; including all lubricants and filters, belts and hoses, wheel balancing or alignment, any adjustments for air and water leaks, wind noise, squeaks and rattles as well as alignment of bumpers, sheet metal, and body parts are not covered.


*For full details of ECP Coverage please see our Business Office or Product Advisor