Car Detailing & Services in New Westminster, BC

When you visit us at Westminster Toyota, you can have your vehicle brought back to its showroom shine. Aside from our many automotive services that help keep your vehicle operating smoothly, you can also take care of its appearance by utilizing our detailing services. Our goal is to make vehicle ownership as effortless as possible for our customers, which is why we offer many excellent automotive services that cater to various needs.

Vehicle Detailing Packages


Full Detail Package $399.99+tx

True to its name, the Full Detail Package is a comprehensive service that treats your vehicle to plenty of TLC both inside and out. Firstly, our team will tend to your engine compartment with a full shampoo and degreasing before working on your car's exterior with a complete handwash and drying, a hand-waxing of the paint, and a thorough cleaning of the wheel wells, rims, and tires. Once the outside of your vehicle has been tended to, we'll move to the interior and clean its panels, cupholders, and glass. Our capable team will also shampoo and clean your floor mats before completing the Full Detail Package by cleaning both your upholstery and your carpet. Once we've completed this thorough detailing service, your car will look fit for any showroom.

Interior Package $199.99+tx

This service will leave you with a fully rejuvenated interior. Our meticulous Interior Package begins with a cleaning of all your car's interior panels, its glass, and its cupholders. The team will then tend to your floor mats with a shampoo and cleaning before steam-cleaning your car's upholstery and carpet to finish things off.

Exterior Package $199.99+tx

Your motor is integral to your vehicle's health, and our Exterior Package tends to it accordingly with a shampoo and degreasing of the engine compartment. Your car's exterior will then be tended to with a complete handwash and drying before we clean its wheel wells, tires, and rims. Lastly, we'll refresh your vehicle's paint job with a thorough hand-waxing, and at the end of this comprehensive detailing service, your car will look like it came fresh off the lot.

Additional Costs

  • Dog Hair Removal – from $100
  • Excessive Mud – from $100
  • Ozone – from $100 * car may need to remain overnight
À la Carte Options Retail Price
Engine Shampoo $50
Headlamp Polish $50
Upholstery Cleaning $100
Small Scratch Polish – Half Car $175
Small Scratch Polish – Whole car $300

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