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No dealership in the New Westminster, BC area understands the importance of regular maintenance than Westminster Toyota. We're committed to helping you keep your vehicle in the best possible condition so that you can enjoy it to the fullest and with a clear head. Our Service Centre's factory-certified technicians will gladly tend to your vehicle using genuine Toyota parts and accessories to ensure that all its components are working in total harmony. Read on to find out how you can personalize your maintenance schedule, and feel free to contact us to book your next service appointment.

Drive Time

If you spend less time on the road than most, we recommend taking your Toyota for a spin for at least 20 minutes per week. This simple habit keeps your vehicle's moving parts lubricated, your battery charged, and your tires free of flat spots.

Exterior Protection

Waxing and sealing your Toyota's paint is a great way to protect it, and we'll be happy to provide those services at your convenience. If you usually park your car outdoors, it never hurts to get yourself a car cover for good measure.

Brakes & Tires

You can prolong your brakes' lifespan and stave off rust by taking a short drive at least once every week. This will also help maintain tire pressure and keep flat spots from forming on your rubber.

Oil & Gas

Motor oil is integral to keeping your vehicle running properly, but it can deteriorate over time, whether you drive often or not. Booking an oil change at our Service Centre at a minimum of every 12 months can spare you a lot of potential headaches and unwanted expenses. We also recommend keeping a full tank of gas, as condensation can build up in your tank over time and tarnish your engine's performance.

Service Intervals

No matter how often you take your Toyota for a spin, sticking to its recommended maintenance schedule is key to keeping it in peak condition. Our technicians will gladly tend to your vehicle at the recommended service intervals of every six months or 8,000 km, whichever comes first.

Check for Pests

Pests have a way of sneaking in where they aren't welcome. Before starting up your engine, remember to check it for a nest or any other intruders.

If your Toyota could use some TLC, get in touch with us today and book your service appointment with one of our staff.

Our Service Commitment - 

At Westminster Toyota, we're committed to providing the highest level of service and products to our customers. We want to assure you that our team is continuing to follow the recommendations from our local, provincial and national health authorities.

To learn more about steps the Westminster Toyota Service Centre is taking to protect customers and staff, as well as our support for the Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation, click HERE. 

Contactless Service FAQ - 

Q: Can my vehicle be safely serviced at Westminster Toyota in the time of Covid-19?
A: Yes! We are doing everything in our power to keep you and our employees safe. Safety is our number one priority.

Q: Can I drop my car off for service?
A: Absolutely! You can book your appointment online. Drive your vehicle to Westminster Toyota and park in the customer service area (beside service drive thru). Drop if off the night before or at the time of your appointment. Place your keys in an envelope provided and drop them in the secure dropbox. Give us a call if you drop off during the daytime so we know your car has arrived. We will complete the service and give you a call when your car is ready for pick up. You can pay over the phone or coming soon…a secure online payment option. Lastly, pick up the keys at the service reception desk.

Q: What is Westminster Toyota doing to help me stay safe when I bring my car to the dealership?
A: We have spaced out service appointments so we are limiting the number of guests at the dealership. Please come at your specified time or drop your vehicle using the secure drop box to help keep everyone safe.

Q: How do I safely interact with the service advisor?
A: When you arrive at Westminster Toyota you can drive your car right into the service drive. A service advisor will show you where to stand (2 m from him/her) safely at check in. You can leave the keys in the drop box on each service check in desk to avoid contact..

Q: How can I safely sign the work order?
A: We do not need you to sign at this time.

Q: What happens to my car next?
A: Your keys will be disinfected. Your car will have its door handles, steering wheel, shift knob and start button wiped down with disinfectant. Then we will place a steering wheel and seat cover on the vehicle.

Q: How does the technician service my car without touching it?
A: All our Toyota trained technicians wear disposable gloves at all times and steering wheel and drivers seat covers are in place to allow for touchless service.

Q: Where can I safely wait for my car at the dealership?
A: We have two waiting areas in the service department plus a waiting area in the showroom. We have also safely spaced chairs around the showroom. Seating has been organized to allow safe social distancing from others while you wait. We have free wifi in the dealership as well as cable TV that you can watch.

Q: Will you be providing a no-charge car wash and vacuum?
A: We have started to offer an optional car wash, again. A car wash attendant will take your car through our automatic car wash while wearing gloves and using the seat and steering wheel covers. We are not offering vacuuming at this time.

Q: Are you doing extra cleaning at the dealership to keep your guests safe?
A: You bet! We are doing hourly cleaning of door knobs inside and outside the dealership, waiting areas, disinfecting surfaces around the building and cleaning debit/credit machines after every use.

Q: How can I safely pay for my service?
A: The debit or credit machine has tap and if your bill is larger you can rest assured that we clean the machine after every use. The service receptionist will be 2m away from you while she checks you out.

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