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  • 10/01/2015

    2016 Tacoma Reveal

    Join us the Weekend of October 9, 10, 11th & 12th to Preview the All-New 2016 Toyota Tacoma. RSVP at 604-520-3333 or to avoid disappointment. Join our Facebook Event for the latest updates Read more

  • 09/30/2015

    Why Buy a Toyota Prius: 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Prius

    5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Toyota Prius Everyone should own a great car that suits them, but we find all too often that there is a mismatch between a vehicle and its owner. Things get in the way of this union tend to be lack of research, poor advice or worse, purchasing on impulse. But when it comes to choosing an automobile there is nothing more important than finding one that suits your lifestyle. And for many in 2015-16, personal lifestyle choices look a lot different than it did a decade ago. Aside from finding a great deal, many are selecting a vehicle that has less of an environmental with its impact on the people and the world around them. Responsibility and sustainability have joined price and value as key criteria when selecting a vehicle.   So, here you are - looking to buy a new car. Instead of an article selling you on the five key highlights of a Prius, we’re flipping the script and detailing the great things about you. If you recognize any of the characteristics in the following you may very well have found the perfect vehicle to accommodate your lifestyle.   5 Great ... Read more

  • 09/09/2015

    Toyota Maintenance Tips: Getting the Most Out of Your Toyota

    It might be argued that the greatest feature of Toyota cars and trucks is their longeveity, and by proxy, robust design. Toyota vehicles are meant to be used to the fullest. Whether you are a soccer mom/dad, a nine to five rush hour road warrior, an off-road outdoor enthusiast or all of the above your Toyota can be stretched to its limits and beyond. With that in mind, it makes good sense to regularly maintain your prized vehicle so that it remains in great working condition for when you are ready to trade it in for a new edition. Today, we take a look at some very practical yet useful tips to maintaining the life of your Toyota. 6 Tips to Maintaining Your Toyota Vehicle 1. Regular (and Right) Oil Change   The most obvious maintenance tip is the most important and yet probably the most misinterpreted. While enhancements in engine manufacturing continue to improve upon oil efficiency you should still change your oil at least twice per year, regardless how often or not you have your vehicle out on the road. This will keep your warranty intact and allow you increase the life of your car beyond the warranty. ... Read more

  • 08/25/2015

    Toyota Highlander: The Ultimate Family Vehicle

      When Kelley Blue Book named the Toyota Highlander the best family car of 2015 North American households on the hunt for a new vehicle took notice. Sure the Highlander has long been renowned for its role in managing the transportation needs of family units since its inception, but to be crowned yet again 15 years later is quite the feat considering the competition entering the market over the last decade. KBB’s quote says it all:   “There is no shortage of 3-row crossover SUVs yearning to be the transportation of choice for today's busy families, but the 2015 Toyota Highlander rises above the rest in its segment. In this family hauler, it's the little things that add up to make it a winner.”  (Kelley Blue Book, 2015) So, what exactly has made the Toyota Highlander so essential to today’s family, be it a tight knit unit or an overflowing Brady Bunch? Read further to find out. 5 Reasons the Toyota Highlander is the Ultimate Family Vehicle for 2015/16 & Beyond   1. Safety   We’d be remiss to start with anything other than safety when discussing the merits of a family vehicle. Your family’s safety is our brand’s top ... Read more

  • 08/17/2015

    The Future of the Toyota Corolla: 2015-16 and Beyond

    The Corolla is one of the most iconic vehicles in North America to date. You know the name. You see it parked in business districts, beachfronts, roadside diners, trendy neighborhoods and pre-school parking lots alike. The Corolla is every person’s automobile.   For decades Toyota has committed to the compact sedan’s long standing tradition for affordability, dependability, comfort, and hassle-free performance. However, the most recent generation stepped things up a notch, especially with 2014 seeing a head turning overhaul. By adding a previously untapped level of technology and style Toyota shook the vehicle free from any preconception that it was made solely for the 9 to 5 rush hour grind.   As it stands in 2015 the Toyota Corolla (available in four main trim levels: L, LE, LE Eco and S) is now known as not only affordable and efficient, but as a sporty and fun ride with information-technology that will keep you and your passengers captivated in your seats. Before we dive into what’s ahead in 2016, let’s take a look at what this year delivers for one of the best selling cars in the world. Features and Enhancements to the Toyota Corolla in 2015 Length - The 2015 ... Read more

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Choosing a new vehicle can be fun and exciting - especially when you’re choosing from among the best selection of new 2015-2016 Toyota cars, SUVs and trucks for sale in New Westminster and Burnaby at Westminster Toyota! Toyota remains the #1 car brand in North America for some very good reasons: durability, safety, drivability, and, above all, value.

At Westminster Toyota, we value the relationships we have made in the last 40+years of serving motorists on the Lower Manland for their new Toyota vehicle needs, and we look forward to seeing you here.

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