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* This price includes the freight and pdi fees as well as all applicable extra fees for this vehicle but does not include provincial and federal taxes.
* This price includes the freight and pdi fees, but does not include extra fees as well as provincial and federal taxes.

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  • 10/14/2016

    Best Toyota Sports Car for 2017 - The New Toyota 86

      No, were not trying to sell you a used car when we claim that the 86 is the top sports car for the year ahead. In this case, the 86 references Toyota’s historic front-engined and rear-wheel drive sports coupés and hatchbacks which include the AE86 range known well for its handing and drifting abilities. And while you don’t have any plans to oversteer (and drift) your vehicle around any urban corners (right?) you are looking for a new sports car that manages and handles unlike any other. Enter the 2017 Toyota 86, which debuted this year and has created ravenous anticipation amongst casual and hardcore racing enthusiasts alike.   5 Reasons Why the Toyota 86 is the Most Sought After Sports Car for 2017   1. Born to Perform on the Track, Made for Your Road   The history of Toyota’s 2000GT, Sports 800 and AE86 have been updated and rolled into one with the 86. This 2017 model has already been stamped with enough racetrack and street cred to solidify its place in that longstanding legacy. The ultra-lightweight body allows the 86 to release every ounce of performance while the rear-wheel drive chassis with dynamic handling lets you ... Read more

  • 09/30/2016

    Best Toyota Cars, Trucks, and Vehicles for Tailgating (w/VIDEO)

    Encouraging you to drive too close behind another vehicle? Certainly not. Tailgating in this context refers to the age-old practice of parking lot gatherings where fans of assorted sports convene to crack open a cooler, ignite the BBQ, and tune into the game occurring within a neighboring stadium. It’s the next best thing to the event itself, even better according to some.  Tailgating is a long standing tradition in the U.S. and has grown in popularity in Canada, including right here in Greater Vancouver. Whether in a stadium lot or organizing one in your carport (a new trend) there’s nothing like headlining your own. As the host of a great tailgate party, you’re expected to be well prepared. Your vehicle is essential to its success. Today, we take a look at the top picks for those who plan on hosting or attending tailgate parties through the sporting season.    Top 3 Toyota Vehicles for Hosting Tailgate Parties  1. Toyota Tundra  The Toyota Tundra just may be the most perfect tailgating vehicle on the planet. For starters, this pickup’s bed is so large and versatile that you can have a full-size BBQ grill installed in it. The 2017 Tundra’s available 5.7 ... Read more

  • 09/12/2016

    The Corolla Future is Now - Why the 2017 Corolla IM is in High Demand

      The Scion brand has seen its final year. Fans of the sports compact vehicle may mourn its retirement, but the feeling is now fleeting. As of today, the Scion iM that you know and love has received a second life under the Toyota badge for 2017. But wait, there’s more.   You may also be a big pundit of the Corolla. This isn’t quite an exclusive group, with the brand owning title to the best selling car in the world for 2016 (and many years prior). Never one to rest on its laurels, Toyota is once again taking things up a notch. In a genius move, Toyota has married the Scion iM with the Corolla, a union that’s produced a dazzling and sporty hatchback that has everyone taking notice. Without further adieu, here’s the exciting new addition to the Corolla line-up for the year ahead.   4 Reasons Why Everyone is Talking About the New 2017 Corolla iM   Unapologetic Attitude   The iM  just may stand for “I’m impressed”, something you’re sure to say as soon as you lay your eyes on this compact car. Never before has versatility and performance been packaged with such style. And the Corolla ... Read more

  • 08/31/2016

    2017 Toyota Camry - Best Car for the Weekend, Every Weekend

      It’s official, the 2017 Toyota Camry has arrived. Its 35 year legacy has continued through from 1982 to 2016 and into the year ahead. The Camry has been known as a superior vehicle for city driving, for new drivers, empty nesters, and even for celebrities. The vehicle has thrown its hat into the ring of hybrid cars and led the way on the list for the crazy things Toyota did this year.   The 2016 Camry already claimed title as the best selling car in America due in part to its practicality. With 2017 around the corner, the Camry is taking things up a notch, and has introduced a model that many are deeming to be the perfect weekend vehicle. Let’s find why this car is your solution for the weekday to weekend transition.   5 Things that Make the 2017 Toyota Camry the Perfect Weekend Vehicle   1. Style that Refuses to be Ignored   The weekends are all about being noticed. Throw aside your nine-to-five, Monday-to-Friday persona and get behind the wheel of a sporty sedan that sets you free. The new Camry has received freshly chiseled body lines, an aggressive grille, muscular fenders, and an all-around ... Read more

  • 08/23/2016

    Best Cars for Owners of Big Dogs and All Around Dog Lovers

        We dedicate a lot of blog space to topics on best cars for families. These family units encompass all forms and all sizes. From ones with new teenage drivers to empty nesters we cover all the bases. For many of you, an especially furry member is counted among that unit. No, we don’t mean Uncle Leo (or Frank, Maury, etc.) who neglects to use the body shaver you bought him last Christmas. We’re referring to that dearly beloved four-legged best friend to all - your pooch.   Today, Toyota introduces you to a line-up of cars that will accommodate family life with a big dog in tow. From long distance road trips to errands around town these vehicles will ensure that not one single soul gets left in the dog house.     4 Top Toyotas Vehicles for Households with Large Dogs   Toyota 4Runner The 4Runner is practically tailor-made for households with big dogs, or more than one for that matter. There’s even a popular online forum with a thread dedicated to dogs and their 4Runners. For starters, this vehicle is made for the wild from the outside in, with a powerful V6 and reinforced body-on-frame construction. ... Read more

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