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* This price includes the freight and pdi fees as well as all applicable extra fees for this vehicle but does not include provincial and federal taxes.
* This price includes the freight and pdi fees, but does not include extra fees as well as provincial and federal taxes.

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  • 11/28/2016

    Best Cars to Give as Gifts this Holiday Season

    The holiday season is among us. Pumpkin spice lattes are a thing of the past and peppermint mochas have taken their place. The malls are decked out with boughs of holly, calling all shoppers to begin their annual tradition. It’s that time of the year to finalize that one perfect gift for a special someone in your life. At this moment, some of you have decided on an especially big surprise for your spouse, parent, son, daughter, or cherished companion - a new car.   This is a bigger decision than buying one for yourself. A car says a lot about someone, and by gifting one, you show that you know them, perhaps better than they know themselves. Today, Westminster Toyota hopes to help you match their unique personality and lifestyle with a vehicle best suited for them. With that decision out of the way, all you’ll need is to pick out a BIG red bow!   5 Top Toyota Vehicles that Make Perfect Presents Toyota Avalon - Spoil Those that Appreciate a Touch of Class If you’re thinking of something upscale that won’t break the bank, the Avalon is it. Who is the luxury car perfect for? If your ... Read more

  • 11/21/2016

    Most Fun Car to Drive for the Money - 2017 Toyota Yaris

      For all of the mechanical/technical bells and whistles that make a vehicle go vroom, today’s consumer wants one key element. Their new car must be a blast to drive. After all, there could be no function without fun.   But that fun should not have to come at a more than significant expense. Millennials (or Millennials at heart) demand enjoyment that won’t break the bank when choosing a new vehicle. There are not a lot of choices on the market that meet this criteria, unless you’re looking at the 2017 lineup of Toyotas. There, you will find the new Yaris. Now let’s find out why this quintessentially cool hatchback is the key to your on-road happiness in the year ahead, and beyond.   5 Things That Make the Yaris the Funnest (and Most Affordable) New Car to Drive in 2017   Next Level Cool Factor   The face of the new Yaris is unabashedly hip. The standard model exterior is ready made for Instagram boasting, but the available two-tone exterior and available 16-inch alloy wheels put the hatchback over the top. The new grille may as well be a wide grin, accented by eyes-wide-open projector-beam headlights and LED Daytime ... Read more

  • 11/07/2016

    Best Minivan for Winter Weather - 2017 Toyota Sienna

      Winter is coming. With that overused GoT reference out of the way, let’s get to the topic at hand.  We’re in the thick of autumn and the harsh weather of the fourth season is about to arrive. The new year is coming too. Households across Canada are considering a new model minivan, one that is relevant to their winter vacation road trips and day to day excursions though rain, wind, sleet, and snow. With family safety, comfort, and enjoyment on the road being the priority, this is one of the most important decisions you can make.   Last year, the Toyota Sienna was named best minivan for driving in snow. With the 2017 upgrades, imagine what this vehicle will do for you and your family.   5 Things that Make the 2017 Toyota Sienna the Best Minivan for Navigating Winter Weather   1. All-Wheel-Drive (AWD)   AWD says it all. The 2017 Toyota Sienna holds the undisputed title as the only minivan (in North America) with available All-Wheel-Drive. All subjective opinions are thrown out of the window. Competition simply can’t stack up. The AWD system harnesses active torque control. Thanks to electromagnetically administered coupling at the front of the ... Read more

  • 10/20/2016

    Top Hybrid Vehicles for 2017 - The New Toyota Hybrid Lineup

      It’s hard to believe that 2017 is just around the corner. In less than three months you’ll be knee deep in your resolutions for the next year. Like many, your pledge will be to reduce your carbon footprint while better balancing your budget. You also hope to accomplish this without sacrificing aesthetics and good taste. In anticipation, Toyota has released one of the most epic hybrid lineups to date. The tough part, for you, is choosing one that’s best for your household. Let’s see if we can help you narrow it down.   Best Toyota Hybrids for Your Lifestyle in 2017 (and Beyond)   2017 Prius   The new Prius just may become the most Instagrammable car of 2017 thanks to its athletic, daring, trendsetting, and futuristic new look. But we all know technology is what really drives this new beauty. That tech begins with three driving modes that can be accessed with the touch of a button. ECO Mode maximizes fuel economy. EV Mode runs entirely on battery power for up to one-half mile (over .8 km), when needed. And POWER Mode does what the name promises, increasing throttle response for added oomph. What you get is an ... Read more

  • 10/14/2016

    Best Toyota Sports Car for 2017 - The New Toyota 86

      No, were not trying to sell you a used car when we claim that the 86 is the top sports car for the year ahead. In this case, the 86 references Toyota’s historic front-engined and rear-wheel drive sports coupés and hatchbacks which include the AE86 range known well for its handing and drifting abilities. And while you don’t have any plans to oversteer (and drift) your vehicle around any urban corners (right?) you are looking for a new sports car that manages and handles unlike any other. Enter the 2017 Toyota 86, which debuted this year and has created ravenous anticipation amongst casual and hardcore racing enthusiasts alike.   5 Reasons Why the Toyota 86 is the Most Sought After Sports Car for 2017   1. Born to Perform on the Track, Made for Your Road   The history of Toyota’s 2000GT, Sports 800 and AE86 have been updated and rolled into one with the 86. This 2017 model has already been stamped with enough racetrack and street cred to solidify its place in that longstanding legacy. The ultra-lightweight body allows the 86 to release every ounce of performance while the rear-wheel drive chassis with dynamic handling lets you ... Read more

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Choosing a new vehicle can be fun and exciting - especially when you’re choosing from among the best selection of new 2016-2017 Toyota cars, SUVs and trucks for sale in New Westminster and Burnaby at Westminster Toyota! Toyota remains the #1 car brand in North America for some very good reasons: durability, safety, drivability, and, above all, value.

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