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* This price includes the freight and pdi fees as well as all applicable extra fees for this vehicle but does not include provincial and federal taxes.
* This price includes the freight and pdi fees, but does not include extra fees as well as provincial and federal taxes.

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  • 04/26/2016

    Toyota Highlights from the International Auto Shows of 2016

    With the 2016 New York International Auto Show in the books the top car show schedule (for North America) of the year has come to a close. These events allow manufacturers to showcase their up and coming releases, modifications, and concepts cars to whet the appetites of those wondering what the future holds. Industry experts, reporters, bloggers, and automobile enthusiasts from around the world were on deck. Today we wrap up “the season” with exciting highlights from Toyota’s own representation at the top three shows of the year. 2016 International Auto Show Wrap-up and What You Can Look Forward to from Toyota   2016 New York International Auto Show   After concluding a run from March 25 to April 3, the 2016 NY International Auto Show equaled a resounding success for Toyota. The FORBES Magazine title Toyota Rules at New York Auto Show Despite Supercar Competition says it all. For starters, the Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle landed the 2016 World Green Car award. Then, the 2017 Toyota Corolla 50th Anniversary Special Edition made its debut at the show and was accompanied by a fun BuzzFeed video series featuring actresses Gina Rodriguez and Hannah Simone who shared Corolla memories ... Read more

  • 04/21/2016

    Celebrities that Drive Toyotas - Top Celebrity Toyota Drivers

    Whether we like to admit it or not, many of us are influenced by celebrity purchases. It’s natural because we assume that they perform their due diligence before making one. They essentially have the pick of the litter, so it makes sense that have chosen wisely. Next to red carpet dresses and tuxedos, vehicles fall in-line as one of their most conscious purchase (or rental) decisions. As a follow-up to this fun article on top Toyota moments in Hollywood history, we are looking at famous people that are known to get behind the wheel of a Toyota vehicle. Top 5 Celebrities Who Proudly Drive Toyota Vehicles 1. Leonardo DiCaprio - Toyota Prius image: It’s no secret that the Toyota Prius is one of the most popular and cutting edge vehicles in its class on the market. There are so many celebrities that drive a Prius (including Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, and more) that it’s impossible to keep up. But when it comes to picking one, you can get much bigger than recent Oscar winner (finally) Leonardo DiCaprio. Known for his absolute dedication to protecting the environment it makes perfect sense that DiCaprio picks a Prius for his go-to vehicle. ... Read more

  • 04/11/2016

    Best Toyota Cars for College Grads

    College and university graduation is around the corner. You may be a proud parent with a student on the verge of receiving their degree or you yourself are accepting the honors. Congratulations either way! Whichever the case, such a life transition is often marked with the purchase of a new car. You (or yours) are about to embark on a new journey. Nothing will get you better equipped than having a new car as a companion. Whether taking time off to travel the open road, moving to a new city for an opportunity, or diving into a career that has you behind the wheel you want a vehicle as steadfast as your education yet as exciting as your future prospects. Once again, Toyota delivers. 4 Top Toyota Cars for University Graduates Heading Out into the New World Yaris Hatchback At this point in your life you might not be quite ready for a sedan, which is why the Yaris hatchback (pictured above) is perfect. The Yaris has always been about independence, and as a new graduate the vehicle simply makes sense. With up to an EPA estimated 37 mpg highway and 30 city mpg you’ll be able to keep up ... Read more

  • 03/28/2016

    Best Toyota Cars for City Driving 2016

    Some of you are born for city life. The arts, culture, dining, entertainment, and shopping scenes all come calling and you’ve bought in. For you, skyscrapers are a work of art and wireless connectivity is as nearly essential as oxygen. We get it. You need a car that can accommodate the flow of everyday city life, from the nine to five to the five to well-past-midnight. Once again Toyota delivers, with a line-up of 2016 vehicles that suit your metropolitan existence. Four Top 2016 Toyota Vehicles for Big City Living Toyota Camry The bright lights of the big city may owe its moniker to the new Camry, with available LED Daytime Running Lights and defining taillight treatment that give the vehicle an opulent look and feel. This sporty yet luxurious vibe is translated further when you note the available 18-inch alloy wheels, chiseled body lines, boastful grille, and sinewy fenders. If you manage to nab the 2016 Camry Special Edition in either Blizzard Pearl or Blue Streak Metallic you opt in for smoked taillights, a too-cool moonroof, blue-accent contrast stitching, a glowing gauge cluster, and distinguished badging that will have fellow drivers and pedestrians do an envious double take.  Rush ... Read more

  • 03/16/2016

    Toyotas Used in Movies - Toyota Cars in Blockbuster Movies

    As one of the most attractive, efficient, conscious, safe, and popular vehicles in the world it’s no surprise that Toyota has made its way into Hollywood on numerous occasions. Toyota owners are proud to have witnessed their prized possession up on the silver screen. While models continue to be featured in big movies year in and out, we thought we’d feature the top five shining moments of Toyota vehicles in blockbuster flicks.   Top 5 Toyota Moments in Blockbuster Movie History   1. Back to the Future     Delorean may come to mind when considering this 1985 summer smash but it was more of a punchline. The real vehicular star of the show was the Toyota Tacoma (SR5). Michael J. Fox’s (Vancouver’s pride and joy!) Marty McFly returns to 1985 to find that hijinks in the past have altered his present, for the better. This defining moment is introduced as he opens the garage door to find his dream vehicle parked within - the Toyota Tacoma SR5. From there he discovers other telltale signs of success for himself and his loving family. Marty then grabs his sweetheart and prepares to ride off into the sunset, after nemesis Biff finishes ... Read more

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