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Welcome to the all-new website of Westminster Toyota, your preferred Toyota dealer in New Westminster, Burnaby and across the Lower Mainland! Your New Westminster Toyota dealer has been at your service since 1967, and we remain as committed as ever to offering you the full range of new Toyota vehicles, top-quality used cars, SUVs and trucks, first-rate automotive service, and of course fantastic customer service as well as the most up-to-date and convenient access to useful information.

Here on our website you will be able to easily book your next service appointment, browse our inventories of vehicles, schedule a test drive, and find some of the best special automotive deals in British Columbia. For maximum convenience, you can also get pre-approved for credit and count on obtaining a great financing plan.

At Westminster Toyota, our team of Toyota specialists is always on hand to guide you in making the automotive purchasing decision that is right for your needs, whether you are an entrepreneur in need of a Toyota truck, a family looking for a reliable Toyota car, or want the versatility of a rugged and drivable Toyota SUV. We value your relationship, and strive continually to Make Things Better!

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At Westminster Toyota, your preferred Toyota dealer serving New Westminster, Burnaby and the Vancouver area, we are proud to offer you the full lineup of new Toyota vehicles, a wide choice of exceptional used cars, SUVs and trucks and award-winning maintenance and repair service. Our team of Toyota specialists is trained to provide first-rate customer service in every department, so that you are sure to leave here satisfied, every time you visit us. Whether you are an entrepreneur in need of a Toyota truck, a family looking for a reliable Toyota car, or want the versatility of a rugged and drivable Toyota SUV, we value your relationship, and strive continually to Make Things Better!

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  • 08/25/2015

    Toyota Highlander: The Ultimate Family Vehicle

      When Kelley Blue Book named the Toyota Highlander the best family car of 2015 North American households on the hunt for a new vehicle took notice. Sure the Highlander has long been renowned for its role in managing the transportation needs of family units since its inception, but to be crowned yet again 15 years later is quite the feat considering the competition entering the market over the last decade. KBB’s quote says it all:   “There is no shortage of 3-row crossover SUVs yearning to be the transportation of choice for today's busy families, but the 2015 Toyota ... Read more

  • 08/17/2015

    The Future of the Toyota Corolla: 2015-16 and Beyond

    The Corolla is one of the most iconic vehicles in North America to date. You know the name. You see it parked in business districts, beachfronts, roadside diners, trendy neighborhoods and pre-school parking lots alike. The Corolla is every person’s automobile.   For decades Toyota has committed to the compact sedan’s long standing tradition for affordability, dependability, comfort, and hassle-free performance. However, the most recent generation stepped things up a notch, especially with 2014 seeing a head turning overhaul. By adding a previously untapped level of technology and style Toyota shook the vehicle free from any preconception that it was ... Read more

  • 08/06/2015

    Toyota RAV4 - Crossover SUV Auto Infotainment at its Best

      What is auto infotainment (AI)? AI, also known as in-car entertainment (ICE) and in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) represents the installation of automobile hardware devices that provide audio and/or video entertainment in addition to satellite navigation systems. This includes but is not exclusive to BluRay, CDs, DVDs, Online Streaming, USB-enabling systems as well as surround sound or digital processing software (DSP). It doesn't stop there, but no need to go further in this introduction as to why the Toyota RAV4 has some of the best auto infotainment capabilities of all crossover SUVs. Simply put, an AI (or ICE/IVI) is essential in ... Read more

  • 07/22/2015

    Toyota RAV4 vs Honda CR-V 2015

    The two most compared SUV crossovers of 2015 are the Toyota RAV4 and Honda's CR-V. The same is expected for 2016 and beyond as these two vehicles go head to head, vying for the attention of family households with adventurous spirits. There's a lot of information out there, with industry bloggers and experts weighing in. It can be a daunting task for prospective buyers to research and draw conclusions as to which crossover SUV suits their lifestyles best, which is why we have laid out the information here, comparing the vehicles on key elements most relevant to you. One on One Comparison of the Toyota RAV4 and ... Read more

  • 07/15/2015

    Compare the 2015 Toyota Rav4 vs the Honda CR-V in New Westminster

    We did a side by side comparison of the 2015 Rav 4 vs the Honda CR-V. Both are great Crossovers and viable competitors.  Click here to view the results of the comparison between the Rav4 and the CRV  To Book a Drive for the 2015 Rav 4 Click Here Read more

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  • The two Japanese automakers are moving away from V6 engines and jumping on the 4-cylinder turbo bandwagon.

  • The Tundra is an honest to goodness workhorse and doesn't pretend to be anything else. You have to appreciate that.

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