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Welcome to the all-new website of Westminster Toyota, your preferred Toyota dealer in New Westminster, Burnaby and across the Lower Mainland! Your New Westminster Toyota dealer has been at your service since 1967, and we remain as committed as ever to offering you the full range of new Toyota vehicles, top-quality used cars, SUVs and trucks, first-rate automotive service, and of course fantastic customer service as well as the most up-to-date and convenient access to useful information.

Here on our website you will be able to easily book your next service appointment, browse our inventories of vehicles, schedule a test drive, and find some of the best special automotive deals in British Columbia. For maximum convenience, you can also get pre-approved for credit and count on obtaining a great financing plan.

At Westminster Toyota, our team of Toyota specialists is always on hand to guide you in making the automotive purchasing decision that is right for your needs, whether you are an entrepreneur in need of a Toyota truck, a family looking for a reliable Toyota car, or want the versatility of a rugged and drivable Toyota SUV. We value your relationship, and strive continually to Make Things Better!

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At Westminster Toyota, your preferred Toyota dealer serving New Westminster, Burnaby and the Vancouver area, we are proud to offer you the full lineup of new Toyota vehicles, a wide choice of exceptional used cars, SUVs and trucks and award-winning maintenance and repair service. Our team of Toyota specialists is trained to provide first-rate customer service in every department, so that you are sure to leave here satisfied, every time you visit us. Whether you are an entrepreneur in need of a Toyota truck, a family looking for a reliable Toyota car, or want the versatility of a rugged and drivable Toyota SUV, we value your relationship, and strive continually to Make Things Better!


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  • It's the level of trust I have in these guys that keeps me going back
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  • The Service Dept at this Toyota is always a pleasure to deal with
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  • All the staff there are very friendly and helpful!
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Our Featured Vehicles of the Week Our Pre-Owned models get just as much love as our new vehicles.

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  • 02/04/2016

    Best Toyota Car to Buy for Your Teenager / New Young Driver

      It’s one of the most concerning times in the life of a parent. Your baby is no longer a baby. They’ve turned sixteen, got their license, and they’re ready to drive. Knowing that sharing one vehicle amongst the family isn’t practical, you’re now faced with the prospect of buying them a car. The fact that there are so many choices is one thing. But you’re also dealing with a teenager. Not just any car will do. You have your agenda (safety, etc.) and they have theirs (image, peers, etc.).   Fret not. We’ve had more than our fair share ... Read more

  • 01/25/2016

    Best Toyota Vehicles for Towing & Hauling

    Towing capacity is an essential element to many drivers on the hunt for a new or used vehicle. However, just because you’ve made towing capacity a key qualifier in your purchase decision doesn’t mean you’re set on a full-size pickup truck. You may be looking for a vehicle to balance work, travel, and day to day suburban life alike. Thankfully, Toyota is an industry leader when it comes to towing, with many models capable of handling loads that others in their class cannot. Let’s take a look at North America’s top picks. 4 Top Toyota Vehicles to Accommodate Your Towing ... Read more

  • 01/14/2016

    Your Eco-Friendly Toyota Line-Up for 2016

    Are you considering a new car in the new year? Do your new year resolutions also include becoming more environmentally conscious? Good. Then this article is for you.   As the leader in eco-friendly driving, Toyota has instituted its groundbreaking Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050. The initiative sets a series of goals to eliminate nearly all of its carbon emissions (vehicles, production, and plants) over the next 35 years. By considering Toyota for your next vehicle, you’ve already taken the first step towards achieving your own new goal.   What sets Toyota even further apart, is that we understand the challenge ... Read more

  • 01/05/2016

    Why Toyota Sienna is the Best Minivan for Driving in Snow (Video)

    With weather patterns running amuck in our province year after year families are looking to hedge their bets when it comes to choosing a family vehicle. They no longer depend upon snow tires alone to get them through the latter season. They are looking for a vehicle that will manage their day to day household duties and weekend excursions all the while keeping everyone safe and secure while driving in snow. Finding a suburban vehicle that will “do it all” in “all seasons” can be tough, especially if you’re a fan of minivans. Thankfully, Toyota has provided the ultimate minivan for driving in winter conditions - ... Read more

  • 12/18/2015

    Best Family Cars for Winter Driving - Best Toyota for Winter

    Best Family Cars for Winter Driving - Which Toyota Should You Choose? Winter is coming. While we are currently in the thick of it, the statement is always true, no matter the time of the year. Winter driving remains at the top of the minds of any household in Canada when making a vehicle purchase decision. While determining which winter tires best suit your climate and usage, the most important consideration is the automobile itself. Today we look at the top Toyotas (new or used) for winter driving, allowing you to deduce which best suits the unique needs of your ... Read more

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